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Moorish, more-ish, moreish, morish. Which do you use?

moorish poussinAt the end of a long day, defrosting the freezer and scrubbing the larder floor Danny and I eventually fell out. He had been engaged elsewhere, sorting the clothes from the eight foot pile in the bedroom. Finding matching socks. Some hope.

After a few hours we were both feeling like slaves. I could sense the possibility of a humongous row looming so I drove off to do the weekly shop.

This valiant and selfless action seemed to put things on a more even keel. I got home, spent an hour in the garden and then wrote the post for the day.

Danny checks my posts and often points out where I have gone off track.
“This is just not germane,” is a comment that has me straining the veg onto the work top rather than the sink.

Somewhere out there on the Internet my unreviewed posts lurk. I cringe if he is checking at 08.30 am. They probably have been up for hours.

This evening I had used the word ‘Moorish’ on my post. D replaced this with More-ish. We decided to delete the word altogether as we couldn’t agree on the spelling. After supper I ventured onto the Internet and found that there are four spellings going strong and everyone believes that their spelling is the correct one.

Moorish, more-ish, moreish, morish. Which do you use?

We are still communicating but actively avoiding the word. Even though we ate a very M***ish dish this evening.

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  1. Super Hands

    Like crack. Very more-ish.

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi superhands

    Glad that you’re enjoying the site!

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