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Sad day

Great Aunt Daisy Beatyl portraitMany years ago my mum was given Great Aunt Daisy Beatyl by a couple of generous Miniature Dachshund breeders. She was five years old and needed a good home.

We motored into the country to collect her. As far as I can remember it was quite a long drive and they questioned us carefully about her future. I agreed that if something happened to my mum I would look after Daisy B. As we piled into the car to leave, Gloria wiped a tear away. She had confided that she would have loved to have kept the dog but her husband had drawn the line at more than five dogs in the house.

Daisy Beatyl was a youngish dog, looking for affection and love. She got this from my mum. As well as walks, treats, hours snuggled on the sofa and the occasional wonderful distraction such as the rabbit hutch sited on the other side of her fence in the next door garden. The rabbits survived but tantalised and entertained her for months.

I had a soft spot for DB from the word go. Her beautiful eyes would have tempted the shyest suitor. And they had. She’d mothered a couple of litters before she came to live with my mum.

Over the past couple of years, Great Aunt Daisy Beatyl has gradually moved from being a stylish city dog to sedate retirement in the country cottage where she had holidayed all her life. We have a dog flap, which is ideal for an older dog that needs her own key to the garden.

As senior dog she kept the Min Pins in line and us too. Welcoming me home with the softest nuzzley, toothy reminder that it was suppertime. After this she would flit, sausage like and deft between my feet, demanding food.

Opening her mouth to take a small piece of bread at lunch time today, I noticed a large bright red blood clot in her mouth.

The young vet was kind and gentle as he explained that she had cancer. She was dying and that it would be best to put her down. He was surprised that she could stand on the examination table.

But that was Great Aunt Daisy Beatyl, stoical, trusting and a real trooper right to the end.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Kooky Girl

    Yes I do. Every day 🙁

  2. Kooky Girl

    Oh gosh, she’s so beautiful. I’ll bet you still miss her..

  3. Jo @ LittleFfarm Dairy

    Just caught up with your Blog after a frantic but exciting week for us.

    SO VERY SORRY to hear about dear old Great Aunt Daisy Beatyl’s demise – but at least it was quick, kind; & she left this world knowing how very much she was loved. If only we could all experience the same, eh…?

    We lost our wonderful Wild Lady Cat – Shaui – almost two years ago. I still cannot face looking at her photos, without weeping (she’d shared my life after her own unhappy rescue, for fifteen precious years).

    On the day of her death Tony built her a beautiful coffin with gold handles & a brass, inscribed plaque: proclaiming what a very fine lady she indeed was. She passed away at the ripe old age of 22 – a dear, deeply-loved friend & companion to me, unfailingly; throughout some of the darkest days of my life. I’m still not sure I’d have got through them, without her.

    She was buried beneath an gnarled old apple tree in the orchard at the back of our cottage; the closest spot we could find to her favourite haunt of the hotspot beside the Rayburn, so that her happy spirit can eternally toast those elegant little toes.

    And on chill winter evenings whilst cooking the supper, from the corner of my eye I swear she’s there: grooming her sleek fur & winking at me whilst sticking out her cheeky tongue…as for you, will GADB be; with every restless breeze which – perhaps – causes the dog flap to thump in the twilight hours of a late-August eve….

    Thinking of you, dear amigo.

  4. Oh my goodness Fiona, I’ve only just read this post, I’m so sorry. Off to e-mail you right now! XX

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this news. It’s horrible losing a pet. At least you were able to give her a peaceful end, and I hope you can look back on the many happy times that you shared with her.

  6. Tears are being shed as I type. So sorry for you & your family.

    I had a similar experience almost a year ago to the day.. we had to put our English Staffordshire terrier to sleep due to cancer of the bladder… Horrible experience. I didnt want another, but my partner came home with a pup a month later… she is sweet, but not the same.

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