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Save trees and money and scatter some joy with Jaquie Lawson e-cards

Jacquie Lawson e-cardsI received my first Jaquie Lawson Christmas card seven years ago. It was one of her Chudleigh (black Labrador) cards. I was thrilled. Great animation and top marks on the feel good factor. Then I forgot all about them.

A couple of years ago an old friend started sending us Jaquie Lawson cards at Christmas and Easter. Margaret and her husband Tony had been our neighbours and had moved far away to Cumbria. Each card was a delightful reminder of an old and lasting friendship. There’s something very magical about these cards.

This Christmas we had two hours to find our address book and write our cards on the last posting day for Christmas. I finally located the address book after a panicky sweep through the storage boxes in the sitting room. In the hour that we had left, Danny wrote 4 cards and I managed the Olympian feat of writing and addressing 23. D was stunned but he was writing news whereas I was on a souless production line.

What would we do about the rest?

A quick trip to Jacquie Lawson’s site solved our problem in a flash. This site handles international membership. In the UK you can buy a one year subscription for £6.50 or two years for £9.50. You can send unlimited cards. You are able to link to your address book and dispatch cards to multiple addresses or just the one. There’s no advertising on the site or unwelcome popups.At the moment there are 124 cards available ranging from invitations to get well cards (these two categories ideally should not have a connection).

We solved our Christmas card problem, were able to send out some New Year’s cards and now can send a card in seconds. Without using paper, stamps or the postal service.

My big brother has an important birthday tomorrow. As he lives in New Zealand it’s already the momentus day for him. Happy Birthday, Mark. Hope that you liked the e-card. Pressies winging their way by snail air mail to feed your barbecue habit.

The card was sent in seconds. Jaquie Lawson is a great e-card website that’s well worth bookmarking.

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  1. Sandra nihat

    Please could anyone help me regarding jaquielawson animated cards I have tried to look for her email to ask her but can’t find one. Maybe someone out there can give me some advice
    I’ve just become a member and to my great disappointment there is no adobe flash for them to work very disappointed I’m trying to contact her to get a refund I can’t work a computer only just got this ipad has any one got an idea or advice?please contact me on my email above. Thanks

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Jo

    I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the card that we sent you.

    I didn’t realise that it was a subscription site. I love it when someone sends me a Jacqui Lawson e-card. They are magical.

    Hi Veronica

    Delighted that you found this post useful 🙂

  3. Veronica

    Hi Fiona

    I’ve had a few of these recently (including one from you!). They are brilliant — far better than the naff e-cards you used to get in the 90s. I didn’t realise they worked on a subscription — and so cheap too! Will definitely investigate this.

  4. Jo @ LittleFfarm Dairy

    I loved the card you sent us at Christmas, it was a real treat. I’ll certainly be signing up!

  5. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Rachel

    I reckon that this is a good investment as her cards are great and good, imaginative animation always thrills.

    I had the idea that her cards would be much more expensive to send so never bothered to check. Silly me.

    Hello Sharon J

    Delighted that you enjoyed our card at Christmas!

    I love these cards too.

    Hello Casalba

    I didn’t twig how easy it was to send these cards and they give so much pleasure. I am always running late (so to speak) and these cards have been a godsend. Just choosing the perfect card is a joy.

    Hi Pamela

    These e-cards are a great idea. I love receiving them and sending them is an even bigger treat.

    OK I used to be an animator so understand the hours that it takes to create these cards. But these outstrip anything that I could have done. When I venture onto the site it’s a chocoholic in a great handmade chocolate shop.

  6. Pamela

    I love the detail in the Jackie Lawson cards. My sister sends me one every Christmas and I always enjoy them. Of course this year I received two!

  7. casalba

    I was also thrilled. They are simply beautiful. I clicked the link you gave. I hadn’t realised you could become a member. Count me in. You have got no idea how many times I’ve found a card – in time, written out the address – in time… and then somehow it just sits there waiting for a stamp until I realise that even if I had one there is no way it’s going to get there in time! So I pick up the phone – this system is way better and they are so well done. Just charming!

  8. Sharon J

    I love Jacqui Lawson’s cards, they’re definitely the nicest ecards I’ve ever come across. I was thrilled when I received one from you at Christmas 🙂

  9. Rachel

    I keep meaning to sort myself a membership with Jacqui Lawson. A friend of mine regularly send me cards from there, and they are all lovely.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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