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Simple baked eggs recipe. Halogen oven recipes.

Baked eggs and buttered toast

Baked eggs and buttered toast

When I lived at home with my mum, we always ate lunch – main course and pud. Supper was an ad hoc affair – we could have whatever we liked that from the bounty of the fridge and larder as long as we prepared it ourselves. Quite canny of my mum as she could put her feet up and enjoy the evening without having to cook a proper meal.

One of my favourite supper snacks were baked eggs. Delicious and dead easy to make. If I dallied up in my room they were quick to prepare. We’d eat our supper on trays balanced on old coffin stools (don’t ask) and watch telly. Mum and I were both rather keen on Andy Williams at the time. He wore polo necks, his voice was exceptional and his show was one of the highlights of our week. Baked eggs always ring the Andy Williams bell for me.

In fact these eggs are a rare treat nowadays as D and I eat our main meal in the evening.

On Sunday we ate lunch midday as Danny was travelling down to Reading that afternoon. By the evening I was feeling peckish. So I popped some baked eggs in Andrew- our halogen oven and 15 minutes later was enjoying this treat.

This light meal would be perfect for a child’s supper or to tempt an invalid with a poor appetite.

Back at my mum’s house, when electricity was cheap, I used to make this in the main oven. Nowadays a compact cooker like Andrew is perfect for a dish like this. By the time a conventional oven has heated up you could be guzzling this dish baked in a halogen oven.

Simple baked eggs recipe


2 eggs
2 tablespoons of cream
A good twist of ground white pepper
A tiny pinch of mace


Carefully grease a ramekin with a little butter. The eggs want to stick like mad – solved by an overnight soak if they succeed.

Break the eggs into the ramekin. Spoon over the cream and sprinkle the spices on top.

Set the dial for 200 and bake on the top rack of your halogen oven with the extension collar on for 15 minutes. Serve with warm buttered toast.

N.B. If you use a conventional oven bake for 20 mins at 200/180 fan – once it has heated up.

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  1. So…. I know you said don’t ask.. (that’s like a red rag to a bull).. coffin stools??!

  2. jjt363

    Ah…Andy Williams, my first crush – or was that Richard Chamberlain as Dr Kildare, not sure now. Remember Cookie Bear on the Andy Williams Show, always on the look out for cookies but never seemed to get one. Thanks for jogging the old memory.

  3. Ali Edwards

    Have you tried baked eggs in a tomato-based sauce with ham? Chopped tomatoes with whatever herbs you fancy and some garlic simmered on the stove until they’ve reduced a bit, then layer in a dish with some chopped ham and top with your egg. Bake as usual. Yummy!

  4. Magic Cochin

    Mace – one of my favourite spices 🙂


  5. Juanita

    A childhood memory. Thank for sharing 🙂

  6. We rarely think of using mace in the States. Hmm, I’ll have to put that back into my cooking palette. I like these with a dusting of Parmesan.

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