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Inca in her own bedFor the past few days the dogs have been allowed upstairs to sleep. The bedroom is a territory without dog baskets. They would be an affectation. On the rare occasions that the dogs are allowed upstairs, they sleep in our bed. Our tribe love the treat of leaping onto the human dog basket. Each one moves to their favourite spot and settles in an instant. Not one canine wants to rock the boat.

This is fine on a calm night but last night we were all kept awake by the storms. Thunder, lightning and drumming rain. As we tossed and turned the dogs found themselves adrift on a choppy sea – I sensed a scrabbling of paws in the darkness. This morning we woke bleary eyed after seemingly seconds of sleep.

All mammals were snappy at breakfast. The dogs have slept all day but D and I are exhausted. We have filled hotties and are going to bed early without dogs or even the comfort of a good book. Once we’ve plumped up the duvet and pillows we’ll be asleep within seconds.


Meanwhile the dogs are back on guard duty downstairs.

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  1. Amanda

    Supreme super hero energy is what they awoke with. It was the first time I’d had any more than two glasses of alcohol in over six months so I wasn’t going to be on good form no matter how much sleep I’d had.

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Sally

    I admire you, sitting up with the dogs. I do hope that you all got a bit of sleep eventually.

    Storms, fireworks etc can terrify pets. My mum’s daschund had to be given tranquilisers on bonfire night. Now she is very deaf and sleep through storms happily in her cosy igloo under the kitchen table.

    Hi Magic Cochin

    I used to have my cats on my bed years ago when I had a large bed and lived alone. They didn’t bring their kills into the bedroom but they did wake me up in the morning when they were hungry!

    Hi Amanda

    Poor you. I bet the children woke with supreme energy too.

    The only time that I get really grumpy is when I haven’t had enough sleep.

    Hi Pat

    Poor Jingles and poor you. The lightening must be scary for cats too.

  3. I hope you got some sleep Fiona, Jingles woke us up that night. I could have slept right through the night, but he needed a big cuddle.

  4. Amanda

    Such a sweet pic, though I’m right with you on the tired front. It’s half term and last night we stayed at a friend’s house, the children didn’t go to sleep until 10.30, the adults much later at gone 1am. The children then woke at 6am. Sleep deprivation is the worst!

  5. magic cochin

    The cats have to vacate the bedroom while we sleep, like your dogs they disturb our sleep and although their warm purry presence is comforting they seem to spread out an leave little room for us.
    They also bring us presents at 4am – being woken to the sound of crunching mouse is not a good start to the day!


  6. Sally

    We had two nights of storms here. They were so violent that I got up to keep the dogs company. They were visibly trembling. I stayed up with them both nights. (I’d better not show them that picture of the MP snuggled into a white blanket, they’d demand better conditions.)

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