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Quinces are such a useful fruit but if you don’t own a quince tree they can be hard to find. A generous lady who lives in Over (Cambridgeshire) has a glut of quinces and has offered our readers quinces in return for a small donation to the Over Day Centre.

If you are interested email me for her telephone number so you can arrange collection.

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    Hi Any tips on know if I have a Quince tree. I recently moved into a house in the UK and I think there is a quice tree, its more like a bush. The fruits were a golden yellow colour last winter when they had fallen (sorry I didnt notice it until it was too late) This year it flowered with lovely red flowers and its has small green crab apple like fruit growing straight of the branch, there doesnt appear to be a stalk as such. We think its a Quice. If anyone has any ideas Id be greatful as I dont want to see it go to waste


    • Fiona Nevile

      It’s a japonica quince – fruits are great for jam or jelly!

  2. Whoops.. just noticed that this is last years post. Never mind.

  3. Hello,
    I always browse this site but have never had the nerve to post. Couldn’t resist the opportunity to get hold of quinces though. If the offer is still there I would love to have details.

  4. I got maybe 75 or so off my one bush here in southwestern Pennsylvania. Made my third batch of jelly from your recipe this evening– 20 half-pint jars in all. Not sure I’ve got the set thing worked out wholly, but it’s been tasting good licking the spoon during clean-up.

    Talked to a lady last night who’d let her quinces rot on the ground. If she only knew!

  5. Yes please! Would you be kind enough to email me her details please? I’m fortunate enough to live in the next village across from Over; in fact my landlady volunteers at the Over Day Centre. I’d most happily make a donation to them for some quinces.

  6. Michelle in NZ

    I’ll just drool from afar – I have to buy mine every April. Still – at least I can get them.

    Happy quince cookery for all who partake of this wonderful offer. Your home will be filled with most amazing scent.

  7. Yes, please!

    I have no idea why, but I haven’t seen any quinces at our (Philadelphia’s) farmers’ markets yet. (Is she willing to mail them, or is this only open to locals?)

    • Fiona Nevile

      Hi Livia

      You have to collect them, I’m afraid. I’m going over tomorrow to pick some up. Is that Philadelphia America?

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