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Surprising developments at the cottage

Toffee and Roo

After her sister Fanny died, back in November 2022, Roo was bereft.

Fan had barked for her, led her and chatised her when she didn’t fall into line. With Fan at the helm, Roo was always protected. Fan was particular in her likes and dislikes.

My sister’s pugs, along with Grump Pot Puskin, were high up on the list of persona non grata. Fan gave them all hell.

In fact when I buried Fan. Pushkin attended the funeral. Purring loudly as each spade full of earth covered her up.

Roo mourned for weeks. She loves the comfort of the long hot water bottle that I bought for her as her sister had kept her warm. Even though she was given treat food and loads of affection I worried that she would eventually die of a broken heart. Fan and Roo had been together for over 13 years after all.

Everything changed when the pugs last visited. Suddenly love was in the air.

Toffee, a well known Don Juan sex pot, set his ears in a bow and siddled up to Roo.

Clearly a believer in platonic love, Roo snapped her way out of any possibility of a carnal laison. She is an old lady after all. Surprisingly Toffee, accepted this. He was just happy to cuddle up beside her in the basket and enjoy the glow of Roo and of course that wonderful hottie.

Poor Fudge, his brother, lies hunched and alone in the pug basket. He does have a hottie too but it’s just not the same as his brother.

What a dichotomy. I was worried about Roo and am now concerened about Fudge. The latter is a sweet natured, not over bright pug completely overshadowed by his intelligent brother. He is now being given deep muscle massages observed by the love birds who clearly have no need of such things.

I love dogs but they are never as straight forward as they seem. Like us they need love and attention especially when the going gets tough.

Roo is concerned about Fudge

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  1. Great to see you posting Fiona. Your many friends, though often silent, are still out here you know.

  2. Janice Cooke

    Dogs need dogs, more so when they’re bereaved. Maybe Fudge will be allowed to join the happy couple.

    • Fiona Nevile

      I totally agree Janice – dogs flourish with dog companions. I’ve only had one dog on his own and he was thrilled when we found him a wife. Luckily the pugs will be visiting a lot this year and I’m sure that Fudge will be allowed in the basket eventually.

  3. What a lovely description, beautifully written, dear Fo….. Thank you for sharing this. Xx KK in Sri Lanka… Xx

    • Fiona Nevile

      We both love our dogs and cats! Poor Puskin is the loser when the pugs visit – he’s terrified of them. I think that it’s the bulgy eyes and piglet screaming 🙂 He does come in at night, when they are safely asleep, and curls up on my bed xx

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