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Blue screen of death gets a hot makeover

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Hi everyone, Fiona went to work today although she is feeling just 80% of her normal wellbeing so this is my (Danny’s) third and final instalment of the Emergency Trilogy. I told her that she simply must get back in harness tomorrow or she will lose her regular readers. She agrees and normal service will be resumed.   I have never known a lady who can produce such dramatics when she is supposed to be lying wan in bed. We had fantastic thunderstorms here (Newmarket, UK) late this afternoon and she returned from work early because her current...

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Fiona is ill and her daily posts have been interrupted

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Hello, everybody – it’s Danny here.   Fiona has been ill for the past few days and I have confined her to bed, with many cups of tea ( omygawd, she is such a demanding patient! )   No, that last bit is just a joke. Almost J   Her blog will be three years old in August and she has recently posted her 1,000th article. That is a great achievement, to her credit. So please excuse her now for missing a few days. Her laptop is also languishing – crashing after half an hour.   Then again, she has divulged her password to me, so maybe...

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