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Taking water cuttings of pelargoniums

lemon scented geraniumswater cuttingsThe kitchen is sweet with the smell of lemon scented geraniums. I finally hoicked out our two giant 3.5 feet plants and put them in the greenhouse. We are hoping that they will survive the winter and delight us again next summer. We are planning to plant them in the half barrels either side of the front door.

I rarely take cuttings but this year we have taken quite a few from the scented geraniums. We are hoping that we have discovered a giant strain. The cuttings are insurance.

Years ago, Bunty taught me how to take water cuttings. I have most luck with this method. I think that the main reason for this is that the cuttings live on the kitchen windowsill and don’t get forgotten down in the greenhouse.

The method is simple. Take 4 inch long cuttings, clipping with secateurs or a sharp knife just below a leaf joint. Remove the leaves on the stem leaving a few at the top of the cutting. Put the cuttings into large jars. Within a couple of weeks they will develop roots and leaves and can be potted on.

Our cuttings stand in large jam jars on the kitchen windowsill. I can see at a glance if they are developing roots and new leaves and are ready to be planted in individual pots.

Once they are potted up, I gave them a week or so to settle and then nip back the tips to encourage side shoots. Some cuttings are left in the house and the majority are shifted down to the greenhouse where they have access to far more light. Not all the cuttings will survive the winter in the greenhouse so I have taken more than we need. Any surplus will make great presents in the spring.

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  1. ian black

    how ui doin please can u help me. ma mother in law has been lookin for a lemon scented geranium for a coupl of years now ,all over the place but she cant get one . ive looked up the proper latin name for in and its pelargonium graveolens crispum i think. is ther any chance that you could reply to this please and tell me anywhere in the glasgow area where gettin one is a cert cuase i,d love to be ably to get one for her cause she doesnt get about too well any more
    yours beggingly ian

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