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The disappointment of the asparagus peas

Photo: Asparagus peas

Photo: Asparagus peas

Initially it was the picture on the pack of the pretty pods that attracted me and when I read about flavour of these peas I was seduced.

They took ages to germinate and flower but finally three pods appeared. I rushed back to the kitchen to steam the delicacy. The pods were of varying sizes, from an inch down to half an inch.

They were vile and tasteless with a nasty scratchy texture. Danny refused to even sample one.
“Why are you trying to force me if they are so unpleasant?”
He had a point, I suppose.

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  1. Manuel

    Perhaps it’s a climate stuff, here in Spain (Galicia) these peas have a pretty good taste. I like them! Cheers.

  2. having read all the negative comments about asparagus peas I have just sampled my first batch and cooked them with other veg and was pleasantly surprised by the delicate taste and texture of them, not at all as I expected, did I do something wrong

    • Nick Lee

      “did I do something wrong”

      No, it seems you, for one, didn’t! They’re ok picked early and cooked correctly.

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