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The slow cooker chef: Venison and shin of beef casserole recipe


Photo: Deer camel and pumpkin

Photo: Deer camel and pumpkin

This is a really easy recipe that I made last week. I forgot to take a picture of the dish so have put up this photograph as it includes a brass deer that belonged to my mother as a child.

I love eating venison but it’s so expensive here in the UK. We buy it when it’s marked down in price and stash it in the freezer for game pies and casseroles. Shin of beef is delicious too – slowly simmered for 8-10 hours the gristly meat transforms into a melt in the mouth treat. Combine the two for a casserole that is deeply satisfying on a chilly autumn evening.

The venison is added after five hours so this is not a bung everything in and leave all day sort of recipe.

Venison and shin of beef casserole (feeds 6-8 people)


I kilo of shin of beef chopped into 2cm squares
250g of venison chopped into 2cm squares
150g of carrots – peeled and chopped into chunks
7 shallots – peeled and halved
800ml of beef stock (I used one beef stock cube and a teaspoon of vegetable stock powder)
Half a tsp of black peppercorns
1 teaspoon of garlic granules
1.5 tsp of balsamic vinegar
1.5 tsp of anchovy essence
3 tablespoons of flour
Small handful of dried wild mushrooms rehydrates for 15 minutes in a little water or 1 tbsp of mushroom ketchup


Roll the shin of beef in the flour and place in the slow cooker.
Add all the rest of the ingredients except the venison. Set the switch to auto and leave to simmer for five hours.
Then add the venison (also rolled in flour) and cook for a further 3-4 hours until the venison is tender.

Serve on warm plates with baked potatoes and some fresh green vegetables.

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  1. chris b

    I have been promising myself this recipe since I first read it some time back and finally 2 weeks ago got it sorted when I was given some venison. I was forced to change the quanities a little and in fact my meat mix was about .75kgs each of shin and venison. Also on the day I didn’t have any anchovy essence so doubled up the amount and used anchovies in oil which I ground to a paste. The final result is stunningly tasty, I am rather proud of the result so many thanks Fiona.

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Penny

    Oh what a lucky break!

  3. penny walker

    I have saved your recipe – sounds delicious! We are in the midts of hunting season down here at the mo and last year we were lucky enough to stumble across the ‘chasseurs’ after they had shot 2 red deer hinds in the woodland here. I was able to cadge about 5 kgs of meat in exchange for a bottle of Ricard and a couple of bottles of wine! Hopefully I will be able to do the same again this year and maybe even get some wild boar from them too. New recipes are always appreciated!

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