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Update on Baby. Life in solitary splendour.


Portrait of Baby

Photo: Portrait of Baby

Baby our diminutive and bullied cockerel had been picked on endlessly. Not just by the Wicked Ginger Hen but by the whole flock. Just passing Baby in the run was an excuse for most chickens to give him a peck. Poor Baby had become the flocks’ punch bag. A tatty, forlorn creature – my heart went out to him.

So I moved him into The Emerald Castle. This is where he has always chosen to sleep at night – well away from the thugs stampeding in the main chicken house. Here he has his own water fountain and chicken pellet buffet. And now, most important of all, the door to the castle and grounds is closed. He can take a dust bath in the castle or just watch chicken life and dramas passing by in safety and peace.

It has been two weeks since he permanently took up residence in The Emerald Castle. Within a few days he was looking chirpier and the peck wounds were healing. Then I spotted him preening. In the bad old days I often found that his feathers were crusted with mud. Gradually he started to look relaxed and now his feathers gleam with a glossiness that shrieks – I am a happy bird.

Each morning the chickens have a treat of wild bird seed. This keeps them distracted while I top up the water fountains and feeders. Sometimes I open the Castle door and Baby hops out, struts for a bit and jumps into my arms. As I stroke him he closes his bright eyes and clucks gently. When I place him back on the ground and he nips back into his kingdom – content at last.

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  1. Wendy

    I am so pleased to read this update on ‘Baby’. It must be so rewarding for you when he jumps into your arms. If he is happy, so am I! x

  2. Natasha

    So glad to hear the sweetie is doing well!

  3. Domestic Executive

    So pleased this young man has found his spot. I worry terribly when one of the chickens is bullied. We have one who is a sorry state and has taken to sleeping in the trees. I’m thinking we need another pen and house for the bullied to have a new pad.

  4. Toffeeapple

    I was just thinking that if you had given him a more masculine name…

  5. amalee issa

    Well done Fiona.


  6. Paula

    I hope that Baby grows up to be a big, strong cockerel who will eventually show the girls who’s boss! Glad to know he’s so much happier.

  7. Caroline

    oh he’s doing SO well! am so thrilled that he’s so happy now. (and so big!) he was just this little slip of a thing when he left us.

  8. What a happy conclusion to an originally sad story. He’s looking so much better now, and is obviously appreciative of your efforts.

  9. danast

    I am so glad he is happy again. It is awful to see them when they are suffering. It was good you were able to do something about it.

  10. Toffeeapple

    Oh doesn’t he look better? Bless him. I hope he goes from strength to strength.

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