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Update on the chicken wings post

Lavender bags waiting to be filled with fragrant lavender

Lavender bags waiting to be filled with fragrant lavender

Ooops! I made a vast mistake on my chicken wings post.

I blame the fact that I’ve been immersed in my new activity of painting on silk.

No this is not 17th century style miniatures of Danny and The Min Pins, beautifully exercised with teeny tiny brush strokes. Rather this is me having primary school fun. Splish splosh daub.

If you buy the neutral, washoutable gutta, you can control the soakability of the silk. Suddenly it was like using the Magic Painting Books that I loved as a child. But I’d created these designs myself.

Armed with a hairdryer, silk stretched over an old picture frame, gutta and silk paints I’ve been having fun over the past week. And I only washed my hair once.

Back to the chicken wings post. When I read the comments – particularly the ones that mentioned additions I remembered that I had also added a couple of shallots (skin on and halved to give colour and flavour) a stick of celery and a couple of old carrots. I will update the post shortly.

Many apologies. I never thought that I’d write this. Beware, silk can lead you astray.

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  1. Oh yes silk and silk paints, they stay firmly in my room where all things get dumped at the moment – I daren’t even peek at them. I can’t allow them to lead me astray

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