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Valentine’s Day – a true celebration of love


Photo: Valentine's cards

Photo: Valentine's cards

Over the years I’ve experienced the full gamut of Valentine’s Days. From the lonely days of not receiving a card when even the birds seem to be flying in pairs to the time when I was sent a huge bouquet. It was so large that I couldn’t travel home on the tube and had to take a taxi instead.

Being a bit of an old romantic I enjoy Valentine’s Day. Forget the expensive candle lit meal in an exclusive restaurant, the heart shaped presents and flowers. All that I want is a card and a hug from someone I love.

Two people in the cottage crept downstairs at dawn and bought Valentine’s cards from our very own mini shop.
“Oh you sent me my favourite card!” Danny exclaimed. It was a heart made out of ancient corn on the cob and coriander seeds that I found kicking around in the greenhouse. Quite fiddly to make.
I quickly opened my card, curious to see which one Danny had selected. It was a simple heart with a smaller inner heart surrounded by pearl beads. When I taking photographs of the cards a week or so ago I actually took a shot of the same two cards together in the basket. Spooky or what!

As I made the sort of cards that I would love to receive, the card that Danny and the Min Pins sent me is perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day and lots of love to everyone.

N.B. Warning! Magic Cochin emailed me to sat that sweetcorn seed and some pumpkin seed are dipped in pink or red insectiside. I couldn’t work out why my seeds were dyed red and luckily D hadn’t kissed the card. So if you are going to use seed when making cards avoid using seed that has been treated with insecticide.

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  1. Cookie Girl

    We just decided to do just cards this year.. and we both agreed we both felt a little flat at no special gift to open… next year we’re back to gifts… . I do love a nice bunch of flowers…
    Most importantly tho is having a happy, healthy family that love each other.. I am blessed.

    Happy Valentines Day to all !

  2. Himself is cooking my favourite meal tonight with a nice bottle of wine. I am lucky as I think you are.


  3. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day either. Just not willing to buy into all the commercial hype. Besides, everyday is Valentine’s Day!

  4. Steelkitten

    I’m just like you – i don’t really do big restaurants or sparkly things. I received a ‘perfect wife’ card, a huge bar of my favourite chocolate and hubby got up to do the chickens and the cats so I could have a lie in. Bliss!

    Later on after slogging away hard tiling the kitchen, it’s a bath and mexican meal in front of a roaring fire.

    The older I get the more I appreciate these little things. Perhaps it’s because all the unsuitable men I dated when I was younger thought flinging something wildly expensive at me once a year made up for their apathy the rest..

  5. I think that’s just beautiful! Like minded! I hope you’re having a lovely time together.

    Maybe you could sell your cards over the internet – there wouldn’t be the same postage problems (cost and breakages).

  6. brightsprite

    No, Fiona, that isn’t spooky – that is called understanding and knowing each other so well !!
    And love.
    Have a wonderful day – however you spend it.

  7. Awww sweet! And how are we spending Valentine’s day? Asleep mainly. Just don’t do Valentine’s day but my kids seem to with their partners.

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