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Pugs: Smudge and Scribble

Years ago when I was living with Seraphina,, a colleague of hers came to stay. At the time she had a black pug called Titus. Her colleague – who also owned pugs declared,
“pugs have two overriding passions. Food and sex. Our pugs love a slice of apple, does yours?”

We had never tested out apples on Titus. But agreed wholeheartedly on the passions.

Pugs are generally very gentle and loving. They are not into conflict and I reckon tend to avoid fights and arguments. Ignoring aggression and just carrying on is a powerful stand to take. Perhaps they could have a canine resolution role in the Middle East?

We have two pugs staying with us at the moment and the Min Pins are having a bit of a field day. Min Pins are into one-upmanship and proving superiority every single paw drop on the way. The pugs are holding their own (with a little advice from me and hourly booting of Dr Quito out of the deluxe capacious pug basket).

Dr Q has transformed from a laid back King Pin of his coterie to become a mini Hitler.  Gradually he’s realising that they are as threatening as a peanut at a dull party and attacking them is finally losing appeal.

Meanwhile, out in the garden, the pugs are quickly learning that the borders are a no go zone. They are whisked off onto the grass with roars and waving arms. Their initial response is goggle eyed disbelief. Gradually they are learning that the grass is the best place to be. Here they find full body massages and more.

Meanwhile the black one (Smudge) has fallen in love with The Contessa. No hope there as the only dog that she fell in love with was a rough coated terrier many, many years ago. And… Inca rather fancies the beige one (Scribble). When I chased him off the asparagus bed she licked his ears all the way up the garden!

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  1. Pugs have a party/picnic every year .Once did several journeys ferrying them from station to venue .

  2. Juanita

    I remember an episode of Cesar Milan’s “The Dog Whisperer” where he was called to a pit bull rescue shelter, thinking that he would have to work his magic on some renegade pit bull. He could not stop laughing when it turned out that his “client” was a min pin named El Diablo (the devil), that was dominating all the abused and aggressive pit bulls.
    A lesson that size isn’t everything 🙂

  3. I WANT, WANT, WANT A PUG. What is stopping me is that our large garden is not escape-proof, and can’t really be made so. But I want one, so much.

  4. Hi Fiona
    Pugs are adorable and so placid!
    We have an 11 month old Pug called Percy who met 2 family labradors at the weekend, he reacted by lying on his back and allowing them to lick him all over, lol.
    They are addictive so be warned

  5. Kooky Girl

    That all sounds like lots and lots of fun. :o)

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