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Win a luxury box of chocs and a bottle of Champagne for someone special

high cocoa fusion barWe love chocolate. D a little more than me. His tastes run the gamut of anything chocolaty, from a chocolate button to the sort of chocolate is presented to potentates. Leave him in the proximity of chocs and you will return to an empty box, as I have discovered to my cost.

However, when faced with seriously good chocolate the guzzling airbrakes are applied. Especially if I am writing a review. Just mention Hotel Chocolat and his eyes close and he smiles. When Hotel Chocolat asked us to review their range of chocolate bars I was thrilled. Brandishing my mouse, I trawled their site to select a bar.

The heavy High Cocoa Fusion 50% cocoa milk chocolate swirled with 85% cocoa dark in a whirl of high cocoa bliss, 500g block arrived in a very swish box. The stylish packaging describes their chocolate bars as “Molten chocolate poured out and set into thick slabs. They’re not quite the size of a blanket, but they’re just as comforting.”

And this one is. It is much chunkier than it looks in the photograph. Every day I get in from work and snap off a small chunk and find that a few chunks have been nibbled by D in my absence.

This is seriously good chocolate. I’ve always preferred slabs to boxes of chocs but have never tasted a bar as good as this. Positioned at the deluxe end of the chocolate manufacturers, Hotel Chocolat are not the cheap option. However, a chocolate lover would never forget one of these deluxe bars.

Because we all need a little luxury once in a while, Cottage Smallholder has teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer you the chance to win a decadent box of chocolates from their summer range, AND a bottle of champagne.

To enter, click here and tell us in 100 words or less why Hotel Chocolat should surprise your loved one with this luxury gift. It’s time to tug on our heart strings and get out your violin, as the most compelling entry will win! The competition closes on 3 October and entries will appear live on the Hotel Chocolat site.

Hotel Chocolat guarantees that one person who enters through the Cottage Smallholder portal will win. Why not flex your literary muscles, you could be the one who is sipping champagne and hoovering up chocolates in October. Danny is already sharpening his pencil.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Jen,

    I totally agree the slabs from Hotel Chocolat are amazing. Best of luck with the competition!

  2. I think my reading this post is kismet. I came across Hotel Chocolat on another Brit’s site (I’m in the US) and simply HAD to check out all the other slabs. While I’m not one to stint on food of any kind, the shipping to anywhere outside the UK is HUGE. I’ve got my fingers crossed to win. And I’m thinking of the Rocky Road slab in the meantime…….

  3. Ohhhhhhh What a carrot to dangle!!! My hubby Brian is just as bad if not worse than your D… I have to hide chocolate here…. LOL

  4. Because he would share it with me!

    Not enough… okay I’ll get to work.

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