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Reindeer decoration

reindeer decorationI used to pull out all the stops for Christmas and decorate the house from top to bottom. I loved doing this but it took weeks to set up and there was always a scramble to get everything down before twelfth night.

Christmas is a now a quieter celebration in every way.

I bought this pretty reindeer decoration at the church féte a couple of years ago. It is the one piece that is not packed away in the attic in January as it sheds its candles to double as a stamp rack for Danny through the rest of the year.

I love the placid reindeer heads and the simplicity of the group. As a stamp rack it reminds me of the best elements of Christmas. At Christmas it is washed, adorned with new candles and gently lights every meal.


  1. Hi Katherine and Paul

    We had a lovely Christmas. I hope that your first Christmas as a married couple was all that you dreamt it would be!

    Hi Toffeeapple,

    Although we had to do a bit of work each day, we had a lovely Christmas. I do hope that yours was good too.

    Hi Amanda,

    Danny cooked a wonderful roast goose and I forgot to put the pudding on!

    Hi Sara

    We had a great time and I do hope that you did too. Looking forward to visiting your site in 2008 too. The Interblog Guinea Fowl breeding event was the highlight of my year.

  2. What a beautiful decoration. Hope you and Danny had a lovely Christmas and I look forward to visiting your site in 2008. Thanks for your support with my site. Best Wishes Sara from farmingfriends

  3. Hope you all had a wonderful day. Love the reindeer candle holder.

  4. Toffeeapple

    How pretty! I hope your day went well?

  5. Katherine

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day!
    With love, Paul and Katherine x

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