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8 random facts about me

inuit seal carvingI have been tagged by Karen from the Wiggly Wigglers blog. Wiggly Wigglers is a great mail order site for wonderful gardening and self sufficiency items such as the log maker, yards of blackthorn for your boundaries (and feed your sloe gin habit) and much, much more.

The rules: Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share 8 random or weird things about yourself. Tag 8 people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

8 random facts about me

  1. I am a collector (Danny says “Magpie”). Objects, stories, memories, anything really. The house bulges. Danny’s happiest day was when I agreed, in a weakened moment, to clear out the lean to barn beside the cottage. At eight thirty the next morning he was clutching the telephone.
    “I want to hire the largest skip available.” I was worried.
    He and my sister Sara spent a happy day tossing stuff into the Giant Yellow Skip. I had fun discovering things that I had forgotten about and taking them out again. There were tears.
  2. The photo is of a precious companion. An Inuit seal. I started a collection of Inuit carvings and then discovered that I didn’t have the funds to finance a nationwide exhibition. So this is a rare collection, just the three pieces on permanent display. They give me pleasure every day.
  3. I am a Devonian. Created and born in Crediton, Devon. I have lived in North Tawton, Paignton, Torquay, Ascot, Hull (university), Cambridge, London (on and off) and now in rural East Anglia. My mother was born in Kentford and my father in Long Melford so finally I have come home to their roots, although the mention of Devon makes my heart spring. My grandfather was a Cornishman (with a dab of Spanish) and my grandmother (on the other side) was from the Shetland Isles. I have an affinity with small island races.
  4. I collect original Britain’s lead farm pieces. Beautiful miniatures. As a child my main toy was my farm set. I just missed out on the lead animals. I am so ancient that my old plastic toys are collector’s pieces now. There was a patterned carpet in my bedroom. This was perfect for the farming community that was the focus of my games -Instant fields with boundaries.
  5. I experiment with food. It’s compulsive. I threw last night’s left over salad (celery and continental salad onions) into the frying pan this evening. I was amazed that they were tasty.
  6. I am an ostrich. Tend not to open letters that would rattle me. This is a bad habit and causes massive ructions every now and then. Mainly when I am sliding down the mountains of unopened post that is stored in carrier bags in ‘The area’.
  7. I relax when I am preserving the bounty from foraging. Fruit gin, wine and any kind of preserve has me purring.
  8. Never say never. I was brought up in an Army family. Born in the fifties. The Germans and Irish were the enemies, particularly the Irish Nationalists. I hate to admit it but I loathed the latter and was frightened by their bombs.
    I’ve been living happily with a Southern Irishman for the past ten years.

In no particular order the eight blogs that I choose are

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hello dw


    Your blog is a gem. Beautifully written and a place that I visit when the world is encroaching just a bit too much.

  2. & thanks for tagging me – oh dear, how can I possibly rise to this challenge(!)

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