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Photo: A corner of the Old Kitchen Garden

Photo: A corner of the Old Kitchen Garden

Our competition naming the late arrivals at the Chef’s and Gardener’s Ball closed at midnight last night. I’ve really enjoyed reading the entries for this competition. The Min Pins got quite concerned as I sat in bed roaring with laughter. They scrambled out from under the duvet curious to see what was going on.

Laughter has drifted across from The Rat Room too.

There were some great entries but the winner just has to be Brightsprite – not just the quantity of entries but the quality. In particular I cried tears of laughter over
(Blind) Lady Herds-Pye with her dog Shep
Mr & Mrs Tonpleese and their rather large son, Piley

So congratulations Brightsprite. Email me your address through the contact us tab and I’ll pop the book in the post to you.

Thinking about the competition this morning I wondered why only Brits had entered. Surely the prize of a tatty book from my childhood library would have international appeal? Then I realised the whole ethos of the competetion was a typically quirky British sense of humour. So my next competition will have a northern hemisphere appeal (if you are interested in biodynamic gardening and planting by the moon that is) and the prize is a brand new book that is still winging its way across the snow from Amazon. Watch this space.

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  1. Yes, I guess that particular show is very local and British in context. But some segments are global. Humphrey Lyttleton was either a brilliant one-line merchant or had a great scriptwriting team.

    Go to YouTube and search for:
    i’m sorry i haven’t a clue

    Then scroll down and find the George Bush clip. The very first item, essentially Humph’s one-liner at the end of it, encapsulates all that was great about that radio show.

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Tamar

    Yes you do have much better teeth. And your blog is very witty too 🙂

  3. The view from North America is that you Brits do make us feel humor-challenged. And your TV is WAY better. (We don’t have cable; we just watch British stuff on Netflix.)

    I’ll leave the whole dentistry issue for another time.

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Danast

    I enjoyed the competition too!

    Hi Magic Cochin

    I bought a biodynamic planting calendar years ago but didn’t really get into it. Now I’m all set to try this method as it does seem to work. Did you read this on the organic garden site

    Danny is a bit dubious but keen to increase yield. I really want to improve our soil and interestingly biodynamic gardeners use Seers Rockdust!

    Hi Toffeeapple

    Brightsprite is really good at this game!

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hello Paula

    Thanks for this comment. The fault is mine – I didn’t explain the game clearly enough. “Sorry I haven’t a clue” is a long running, totally dotty UK radio show. The late arrivals to the ball was a regular spot on this show – the clip above is an example. But listening to the clip again I’ve twigged that it only has relevance to the UK with lots of in jokes etc.


    Hello Brightsprite

    Congratulations. Hope that you enjoy the book – posted last night.

    Hi JaneH

    Like you I racked my brain for ages and got nowhere. Hope that you are felling better soon.

    Hi Sebbie

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Hi ChickPea

    Your entries were really good to! Thanks for joining in.

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