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Blogs worth visiting: Writing at the Kitchen Table

Asparagus TartWe’ve had rather a gruelling time recently. Just wall to wall work plus projects, blog and garden. It’s very easy to get things out of proportion. I found myself driving down to Essex, gripping the steering wheel and fretting about not getting all my seeds in on time.

So I earmarked Sunday to catch up. Not with a frenzy of seed planting but a lazy long morning in bed with the Min Pins and the laptop. I find that catching up on relaxing is often the best answer for stress. Somehow, miraculously, everything falls into place. So what if we are eating sweet corn a month after everyone else?

There’s nothing like a good breakfast in bed followed by a leisurely browse through some of my favourite foodie blogs. An asparagus and crab recipe on Richard’s blog caught my eye. He also has a great category called Take One Ingredient. He featured asparagus a few days ago. Well written and interesting. With the whirl of the last few weeks I had not even noticed asparagus was around. And I’m passionate about this vegetable. Particularly when it comes to scoffing a decent handful.

Over at Writing at the Kitchen Table there was a long post on asparagus. The soup looked tempting but I was totally seduced by the Asparagus Tart. Overtired and feeling shattered the latter was exactly what I wanted to make. It hit two birds with one flan. I wanted to test the advice for avoiding soggy pastry (in a quiche, flan or tart) and also I felt like making something delicate, subtle and totally different from the Man Food that D loves.

I really enjoy the Writing at the Kitchen Table blog. Freya writes so well. The journey is easy, witty and inspirational. I also love her header graphic. I would, given the place that the Min Pins have here in the Cottage.

I made Freya’s Asparagus Tart last night. It was superb. Gentle and truly chic – perfect for a light girly lunch or as a starter. When Anna (super chef) tasted it cold today, she shrieked with joy.

It’s basically a rich savoury egg custard with asparagus. The parmesan gives the dish an edge but is hardly discernable. I only had single rather than double cream but it was still delicious. Freya bakes her pastry blind. I tried out the beaten egg coating on the pastry. It took quite a while to harden (15-20 mins) but it was worth the wait as it worked.

Danny enjoyed it but wondered if a tart exists that includes rare beef, kidneys or sausages.

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  1. Scotland Cottage

    Buy some new soil! then give it a shot 😀

  2. Holiday Cottage

    Yummmmm! I am finding it hard to grow the stuff, the soil where we are is so alkaline! I cant even grow runner beans!

    Any tips?

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Holiday Cottage

    The tart is delicious and a perfet way of using asparagus.

  4. Holiday Cottage

    Lovely blog! yes the tart does sound quite nice! especially in the nice weather that we are having!!!! Although saying that maybe I should grow some asparagus!

  5. Fiona Nevile

    Your blog has loads of vvvroooom, Richard.

  6. Richard

    Thanks for the mention – too kind!
    I’m also tempted by Freya’s tart…

  7. Fiona Nevile

    Last slice of the tart today. Still exceptional. Anna and I ate it for lunch. Thank you so much, Freya. Three days of heaven.

  8. Freya

    Freya forgot to mention the Min Pins! I love these little nippers. We don’t have room for another dog, or do we?

  9. Freya

    Wow, we are flattered and honoured that you’ve highlighted our blog! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tart! It was such a good recipe that I had to share it and it’s great to hear good feedback!
    Your blog and self-sufficiency endeavours are inspirational to us (who one day dream of being able to do it ourselves!) too!

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