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Bubba’s quick Seville orange marmalade recipe using a pressure cooker


All set for action

All set for action

When The Chicken Lady tweeted that she was going to try out a pressure cooker marmalade recipe I was a teeny bit dubious that it could match the flavour of old fashioned marmalade lovingly stirred on the stove for hours. But I was wrong. I was surprised to discover that it tasted pretty good, sweet but with that hint of Seville bitterness. In fact the first thing that I did when I woke up this morning was to rush downstairs and put on two chunky slices of toast so as to guzzle some as soon as possible.

If you have a pressure cooker and not a lot of time – this recipe could be the answer for you. Apart from the cooling time, the marmalade can be made and smeared on toast within an hour!

Despite considering myself to be relatively brave, I must confess that pressure cookers rather alarm me. I can see the sense in them – cutting cooking times, using less energy and sealing the flavours in. I did invest in one back in the 1980’s – it hissed and huffed like a petulant cylindrical dragon. I can’t remember what I was trying to cook but after that first outing it was promptly returned to its cardboard box. Its opening breathy aria was unfortunately its swansong.

This recipe came from TCL’s grandmother, Bubba. Clearly a brave and plucky lady who welcomed her portly dragon to save on time and energy. The recipe is exactly as Bubba wrote it, using Imperial measurements.

Bubba’s quick Seville orange marmalade recipe using a pressure cooker


2 lb of Seville oranges
2 pints of water
1 lemon
5 lb of sugar


Pressure cook the oranges and lemon (whole fruit) in the water for 10 minutes at 15 lb pressure.
Leave overnight or until cool.
Scoop out the middle of the fruit and put through a sieve or mouli. Add to the water.
Chop the peel and put back into the water with the sugar.
Slowly bring to the boil and boil til gel (setting point). Test after 15-20 minutes.

Makes 7-8 lbs

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  1. Brilliant site greengage jam abut hit thank you.

  2. Erna Rae

    So much sugar because the original recipe asks for Seville oranges which are bitter. Another reason is that if you use more sugar you get more pots of marmalade!
    I think Seville oranges need about twice the weight of sugar to fruit, but as Fiona says you can always start with less than the recipe asks for,then taste and add more before the fast boiling stage.I enjoy tasting the marmalade during the process!

  3. Why so much sugar? I made it with ordinary oranges and used half the sugar and it was great! It still set, although I added a lemon to help this. I did cut the skin too thick, but I am making a second batch now and will do the rind in the processor this time.

  4. Pat Mercer

    This was my first attempt at marmalade and as a seasoned pressure cooker user, it was my first choice of equipment. What a resounding success! My family love it and I will be trying out jams next. For those of you who have thought about using one but have not taken the step yet, invest in a stainless steel one rather than the aluminium. I have used both over many years and when it comes to leaving food to cool, always go for stainless steel. Pressure cookers are to be treated with a healthy respect. Its a very fast and economical way of cooking and once converted, you will find conventional cooking too slow. Follow the instructions of operation carefully and you will not go wrong.

  5. Dan's mummy

    Oh, and this is what I used:

  6. Dan's mummy

    I have to share this- just discovered a brilliant new way of chopping up peel-tried last night and it worked like a dream! Multi-bladed scissors, available from Ebay make preparing the peel a…snip?

  7. Ann Webber

    Has anybody made marmalade successfully using oranges and not saville oranges.I have and it is very sweet tasting.

    • Me too but I added equal sugar to fruit as in jam, lovely

    • I have used a recipe that is mostly grapefruit, one lemon, and sweet orange peel. The grapefruit makes it bitter.

      Beware that grapefruit interferes with some prescription medecines.

  8. classybird

    Pressure cooker marmalade all the way! Have made the ‘proper’ way but felt a bout of RSI would follow (I like a thin cut which meant extra chopping). Slicing the oranges after cooking is so much easier with no effect on taste. If anything the result is better as the peel is properly soft before adding the sugar.

  9. dan's mummy

    PPS Good Grips moulis are FANTASTIC ( Had a run-of- the-mill job before I got GG one- the difference is incredible)

  10. dan's mummy

    Hi, all
    I have been using various marmalade making methods and stumbled upon this one by trial and error. This is the least time and effort consuming of all! I was going to post the recipe here but got beaten to it!!! I have used it for lemon and lime and lime marmalades too, all work like a dream! PS Tesco are doing 1.5kg for £1.50 till 20th February, not bad at all!!!!

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