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Confiscating the pig’s ear from The Contessa

The Contessa

After an afternoon that has be punctuated by deep low growling, I’ve been forced to remove the pig’s ear yet again. The other dogs were delighted with theirs and gobbled them up. Contessa goes into immediate guerilla warfare tack when we give her a treat. Her afternoon is ruined. She cannot move from the chair where her basket perches.

The others play in the garden near our tiny apiary, whilst Contessa grumbles on. It’s a bit scary removing the chew but once the deed is done, she seems relieved. And it’s out through the flap to do a pee.

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  1. Danny Carey

    The Contessa is the female lead of our three Miniature Pinschers. I’m sure Fiona will tel you more about our dogs as time goes by.

    It’s a rainy, cold August Saturday. At lunchtime, Fiona mades us a mouthwatering fish chowder with naturally smoked cod that she picked up for a song in Waitrose at closing time last weekend and froze. A dash of smoked paprika to add to the smoked cod and potatoes, a sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley from our herb border in an old bathtub (donated by Caroline) and I was anybody’s! It made a lovely, cosy fug in the house – a real foretaste of autumn – with a very snug feel to our day indoors.

    It certainly perked me up for my racing bets. They should have fed her chowder to my racing selections. A losing day on the horse front, probably because of the change in the weather. It has been pouring with rain all night and all day here in Newmarket.

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