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Delicious classic British food: Best Toad-in-the-Hole recipe


Photo: Toad in the hole

Photo: Toad in the hole

When the weather starts to get chilly I have a longing for a really good Toad-in-the-Hole. Not the rather chewy offering that I munched as a child but a light and puffy one. A dish that would have Danny pleading for more rather than the slightly suspicious response,
“I don’t think that I’ve ever eaten Toad-in-the-Hole.”
Long pause.
“I’d be interested to try it.”

The problem was that I didn’t have a recipe. Then I twigged that our Yorkshire Pudding recipe probably would be good. So I used Delia’s version as a guide for timings and temperatures but I rejected her recipe for the batter as she only used one egg and the secret of our recipe is to use two. I also bought the deluxe Musk’s Newmarket sausage. The result was superb.

This is a great way of making a pack of sausages go much further. If we had made mashed potato as an additional side dish then it would easily feed four. I’m embarrassed to say we scoffed the lot. Billy Bunter eat your heart out and cry “Yaroo”.

I teamed this up with Anna’s famous onion gravy and peas. Don’t be tempted by Delia’s roasted onion gravy – I tried it last week and it wasn’t a patch on Anna’s.

Best Toad-in-the-Hole recipe

400g of best pork sausages
2 tbsp of olive oil
For the batter:
110g of plain white flour
2 medium eggs
300ml of chilled milk (we use semi skimmed)
Large pinch of salt, large pinch of mustard, half a teaspoon of horseradish sauce.
Switch the oven to 220c (200c fan)
(If you are going to make Anna’s onion gravy start it now as it takes about 45 minutes)
First make the batter.
Sift the plain flour into a bowl. Add the salt and mustard powder. Make a well in the centre and break in the two eggs. Gently whisk the eggs into the flour and gradually add the milk. I actually used my stick blender to do this and it gave a much better result. Ideally, return the mixture to the fridge in a jug for half an hour to chill whilst you brown the sausages.
Put the sausages in an oven proof pan. And bake them in the centre of the oven for 20-30 minutes or until they are gently brown. Remove the sausages to a warm place and add the olive oil to the base of the pan. Return the pan to the oven and whap the heat up to 240c (220c fan) for about ten minutes. Now at this stage time is of the essence. Whisk up your chilled batter, quickly toss your sausages into the hot pan and pour the batter over return to the oven and turn the heat back down to 220c (200c fan) for about 30 -40 minutes until the batter is golden brown. Make sure everyone is sitting down before you take it out of the oven and prepare for astonished applause.

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  1. Hi there,
    Another idea on the perfect Yorkshire pudding batter is to yes, add 2 eggs(essential),plain flour and mix up powdered milk(Marvel) use this rather than regular milk,seasoning, blitz together well, leave to stand if possible.
    The ‘Marvel’is just that a Marvel,makes the lightest possible puddings, never any soggy centre!
    Ensure that the tins/fat/oven are so hot that the batter mix starts to ‘sizzle’, begin cooking as soon as the batter touches it.
    Result:- The Perfect Yorkshire Puddings, light as air, risen to perfection!
    Must be tried to be believed.

  2. well today my 12 year old daughter made this, with a bit of direction from me. It was delicious, although the toulousaine sausage was a little peppery.
    She was soo proud of herself; it was a good start to her weekly meal making – something she herself requested recently

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hi sherylvet

    Great idea – using grainy mustard. Like the idea of adding onions to the sausages too. Thanks.

    Hello Joanna

    This is going to become a regular dish at the cottage!

    Hi Sharron

    I’ve never heard of toad in the sky. Must try that. I never tire of sausages.

    Hello Wendy

    Do have a go. This was so easy.

    Hi Jane

    Great that you dropped by. Often wonder how you are getting on in the country.

    Those Richmond sausages are horrid but they could be relegated to one end of the pie. Or he could have a separate individual dish.

    Hi Domestic Executive

    Thanks so much for these tips and links. Definitely going to try the gravy!

    Hello Suky

    I do hope that it works out well for you.

    Hello Pam

    That sounds gorgeous – thank you.

    Hi Paula

    Great that this post is useful to you. Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Jan

    That’s strange. I must admit that this is the first toad in the hole that I’ve really enjoyed.

    Hi Mandi

    I took your advice and invested in an enamel baking tin. Just need to get the sausages now.
    Thanks also for the advice on which milk to use – really handy tip – I had no idea about that.

    Hello Brian

    Great tip! Thank you so much.

  4. Hi
    I realy enjoy toad in the hole and have recently started to pre cook the sausages in a microwave (only 1 or 2 minutes)this way I only have to concentrate on the batter,as often the batter was perfect but the sausages were underdone.

  5. My mum could never make yorkshire pudding and it wasn’t until I started taking an interest in cooking aged about 12 that I realised why. She, not knowing that steam was the raising agent in yorkshire used self raising flour not plain.
    I love toad in the hole we have it about every 6 weeks. I always find mine rise the best in a tin rather than an oven proof dish for some reason, and the watery-ier the milk the more light and crisp, so if we fancy a puddingy in the middle one I used semi skimmed and if we want light and crispy all skimmed. The resting time of the batter softens the gluten and starch in the flour which makes them puff better too.
    Definately gonna try the onion gravy recipe next time we have one as I have tried loads of recipes for that an never found one that is ‘oniony’ enough, especially for with sauted pigs liver and mash..mmm yum yum… making me hungry gonna search the freezer for liver now.

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