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Photo: Contessa posing - Dr Q snoozing

Photo: Contessa posing - Dr Q snoozing

We were really worried about Dr Quito this morning. He was very scratchy with Inca and even growled when I tried to pick him up.
“I think that he’s in pain, Danny. Cold house and an old damaged body. I’ll put him back under the duvet after breakfast.”
He was keen to be cosseted and returned to the goose and duck down duvet (an extravagance that I’ve never regretted. Even when we’re raiding the piggy bank to buy milk at the village shop).

But he continued to tremble and mutter. Finally when the wood burning stove had warmed the kitchen I carried him downstairs. Wrapped him in a few thick cardigans and laid him in front of the stove. Eventually he fell into a deep prolonged sleep.

The Contessa has been away for a few days at the vets. Her diabetes had become unstable, she had lost an awful lot of weight and needed specialist care. She has been back several times over the past couple of weeks. Her medication has been changed and the dose gradually upped. Worrying times. Although she remains chirpy – pencil thin but pretty sparky in a Contessarish sort of way.

Danny brought her back this evening and suddenly Dr Quito was out of his basket, trailing rugs and licking her ears.

He wasn’t physically sick but missing his wife.  Of course he would be wondering what had happened to his Best Girl. Not knowing hurts.

They are now snuggled together in front of the stove. They’ve been together for nearly 11 years – that’s 77 in dog years.

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  1. Sure they miss eachother. Our two dogs are brothers from the same litter. The fuss when they are separated from eachother!! Nothing will console. Not interested in eating, drinking or a human cuddle. Not even a big fat bone.

  2. Have you ever tried treating your dogs with Animal Aromatics? I have had dramatic improvements in body and mind for my dog.

  3. Kooky Girl

    I think we’re all saying ‘Aw…’. I’m glad they’re back together. :o)

  4. Being a ‘cat’ lady I have only my feline experience but I have to definately say they have a distinct attatchment to others in their pack ( people and other pets). My oldest cat fred who is a rather smelly and grouchy 15 year old treats our youngest girl ninny noo with total distain. But being old he is prone to being sick after eating a large meal which is pronounced prior to the event by a loud pitiful howling. Ninny runs from where ever she is to be with him as he’s sick and once the event is over he sits bewildered and exhausted and she fusses over him and he nuzzles his head for a lick to make him feel better. Its amazing to see, as most times they wouldn’t give eachother the time of day. On a sadder note when we loose a furry member of our family I have learnt to lay out the body so all can go and see, they seem to know they have gone, sniff and walk away and thats the end and they don’t seem to pine and spend days/weeks looking for the lost friend. Normally then we all walk the garden with me carrying the ‘sleeping’ until we all feel we’re in the right place and thats where we bury, (often with cats sitting round watching). After all our animals are our family our children and our friends they deserve the best.

  5. Oh I’m delighted that all’s well with Dr Quito now that he has his Contessa back, awww, bless them!
    Noooo I’ve not got tears welling up in my eyes(you know when you try not to blink?) Too late, the flood gates are open now,hey, it’s a waterfall!
    I have always said,”People that don’t like animals, there’s something wrong with them”, been proved correct so many times.
    When we had to have one of our beloved little girls put to sleep, her sister was totally ‘lost’,it was awful,we were all grieving.
    Mandy the one that was left,substituted my partner
    for her companion,refusing to eat,unless she watched him take it from his plate!….followed him constantly she could sulk ignore us for days if she wanted!
    She disliked us having any attention from people,hated the vets with a passion.
    Rather funny stares in the vets having to ‘muzzle’ a tiny min chihuahua only to watch her laying on her back being cuddled like a baby before afterwards,she only ‘liked’ certain people!
    Our best friends! Always…x
    Love to all, Odelle XXX

  6. I am so glad that he is feeling better and that her medication is helping, welled up a bit when reading your post, Take care and all the best for the coming year.
    Dan x

  7. Cluedocat

    I aww’d too!! That is so sweet. And I’m so glad that your Dr Quito is feeling better now that his ‘girl’ is home!!! Bless them both!!!!

  8. This made me actually “aww” out loud, and I had to read the post out to G. G says: “Dogs are people too.”

  9. I had a neighbor who swore that his animals grieved for each other when they passed on. I recently saw something that explained that dogs are closer to us emotionally than chimps, which is why they bond so well to us, and that they understand the significance of pointing, which chimps don’t. Dogs can even get it right when you point with your eyes, and not your hands. So dogs have emotions, too. My own dogs used to pout when they saw the suitcases come out. I’m glad that the good doctor go his best friend back.

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