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Flowers for September 2009


Photo: Yellow flowers

Photo: Yellow flowers

Weeks of no rain have had a big impact on the herbaceous borders. So there are not many flowers and the few that are there are looking a bit stressed and tired.

Can you guess what these flowers are? Hint I found them in the kitchen garden.

A small insignificant prize will be sent to the first reader to leave the correct answer.

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  1. Oooh thank you. I recognise the broccoli as some of ours always goes to flower. Never thought of putting them in a jar though. Have to admit to not doing flowers here in Latvia because we have such a small apartment and Ian, my hubby, gets a sore nose – not an allergy but damp and strong scents do not help.

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Well The winner is…

    >Drum roll<

    JoannaS from Latvia!

    It is broccoli (calabrese). Danny is checking the airmail rates. Just email me through the contact us button with your address Joanna.

    So and LindaM, Celia, KateUK, Tricia and Alison Russell were also right.
    Krin was close (it is headed broccoli)
    And Tamar gets a special mention for making me smile.

    Thanks everyone for having a go.

  3. Alison Russell

    I would also have said broccoli!

  4. haliwerfolc

    romanesco flowers?

  5. It looks very like my allotment neighbours gone to seed brassicas. I couldn’t work out what they were supposed to be either but I’ll guess cabbage (theirs were covered in cabbage white caterpillars so doomed from every angle).

  6. I think broom too.

  7. A wild guess at spinach – as everyone else has suggested what I thought it could be.

  8. I’m going with a rogue turnip.

  9. I would have said broccoli but that has already been said. I did have some radish go to flower and I put them in a vase. My flowers where white but I guess it could depend on the variety so they could be radish

  10. I grew some mustard this year and the flowers looked just like that. I never thought about putting them in a vase and bringing them into the house to enjoy. What a great idea.

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