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Flowers for September 2009


Photo: Yellow flowers

Photo: Yellow flowers

Weeks of no rain have had a big impact on the herbaceous borders. So there are not many flowers and the few that are there are looking a bit stressed and tired.

Can you guess what these flowers are? Hint I found them in the kitchen garden.

A small insignificant prize will be sent to the first reader to leave the correct answer.

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  1. They do look like brocolli but other than that, I am at a loss…..and somebody already gave this answer. Maybe cauliflower then?

  2. Desperate for rain here- not the first time we have had weeks of dryness this year. We had a light shower the night before last, but all that did was wash a bit of dust off the leaves! My maples started to turn colour, but with the sunshine and dryness, the leaves are now toasting instead of turning.
    Its a brassica- must smell gorgeous ( hoho).I’m going for broccoli.
    My zinnias are fabulous too- HUGE blooms and loads of them.

  3. Magic Cochin

    Mmmm – definitely a brassica of some sort. looking at the stem structure – is it Calabrese? (that stuff supermarkets call Broccolli)

    If not, I’m backing LindaM – Cauliflower.

    Our garden is parched too – no rain for weeks! The pond had practically dried up and the lawn is burnt off in patches!

    But my Zinnias love it! best display for years 😉


  4. Definitely a brassica, I’ve left so many go to seed like this before. Given your statement about lack of rains, that would fit as well, as they are more likely to bolt to flower under variable water conditions.

    Not a headed broccoli, as it doesn’t grow so high. Or a pak choi, or similar, those only put out one stem of flowers, not the bunch seen here.

    My guess is a sprouting broccoli, rather than the more common headed variety. Or brussels sprouts, which I’ve not yet grown to know how they flower.

    My only other guess would be a mustard seed, but I can’t imagine why you would pick that before it set the seed, so this is likely not correct.

  5. anita Cape Town

    Hi there Fiona
    Is it the canola flower? Makes great and healthy canola oil.
    Regards Anita

  6. Michelle in NZ

    Over enthusiatic chinese cabbage/bok choi/pak choi?

    Whatever it is, the chooks will love it!

  7. no idea broom/gorse?

  8. Broccoli?

  9. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Jess

    No it’s not rocket.

  10. Hi fiona, Its not rocket is it ?

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