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Potted shrimps and toast

Potted shrimps and toast

Perhaps it’s because I remember happy seaside holidays and those weirdly shaped shrimp nets at Hunstanton as a child. Or the dinkiness of the little tempting pots that hold them in all their buttery glory. All I know is that I’m passionate about potted shrimps.

Danny does not share my love for this culinary delight. So generally I buy potted shrimps when he is away. The little pot is something of a Tardis – as the contents will always cover two slices of gently browned toast. And of course this always adds to the enjoyment – going steady on the first slice and then the greedy guzzle of mini shrimp mountains on the last.

Yesterday Danny bought me a pot as a treat. Better than flowers or chocolates, they were dreamed about and devoured during an indulgent solitary brunch this morning. Back door open, birds singing and crisp sunshine. Perfect.

Although the Min Pins watched every delicious, lingering bite they didn’t get a look in – even the plate was licked clean.

This summer I’d love to drive to Hunstanton, buy a decent Shrimp Net and harvest my own. As far as I remember, catching them was easy. But did my mother do this, or even secretly buy them? She would rent a beach hut for these holidays. With a little heater and stove. Is this where they were cooked? I need to investigate to find out more.

A small frozen supply would lighten even the darkest days. And I’m happy to share with my mum as like me she adores shrimps.

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  1. Margaret Thorson

    When I was a little girl my aunt used to take me to the fish market and buy me a little packet of tiny pink shrimp. This was my absolutely favorite treat.

  2. skybluepinkish

    I love potted shrimps (and cockles!) my secret vice is to eat them straight out of the pot and bypass the toast! We go shrimping with the cousins down in Broadstairs and usually get quite a good harvest. There aren’t a lot of shrimps in rural County Durham so I shall have to make do with your lovely photograph 🙂

  3. I watched Ruth harvest shrimps on Edwardian Farm, and it looks like a lot of work for such a little prize. But that’s exactly what she did with them! Potted them up in butter!

    I can’t think of any little private treat of my own. Steve loves more of that stuff than I do, and he also likes what I like. He can eat sardines, and fatty ribs. I like escargot and smoked oysters- he likes them too. So I don’t have my own little treat.

    Unless martini olives count.

  4. Jono / Real Men Sow

    Reminds me of cockles on toast, which is also delicious!

    Used to go and harvest them from the river when I was a kid. Haven’t done it for years. I must do this again, you’ve inspired me!

  5. Kooky Girl

    This looks yummy ! My kind of selfish, solo snack – which are sometimes the best !!!

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