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Forget-me-not. Myosotis

foget-me-notForget-me-nots really come into their own when they self seed. They just don’t seem to work when they are sown and transplanted. They need to find their own place and more often than not appear beside a perfect companion and astonish me.

If you don’t have any, scatter some seed around your garden and they should grow. Within a couple of years they will surprise you.

They are part of large Boraginaceae family. This includes Pulminaria, Borage, Helitorope and Comfrey to name just a few. Most of this family share the same attribute – hairy leaves. These are not obvious but when you are next in the garden with a moment to spare, take a look.

Forget-me-nots are at their best in the spring but they will self seed and there will be a second flush during the summer months. They are happy in both sunny and shadier borders and easy to pluck out if they are invading a special space, earmarked for something else. They can look stunning in a vase. When the spring ones get a bit old and scraggy rip them out and give them a good shake over the border to broadcast their seeds.

They pop up all over our garden. I spotted that they had started to drift into the raspberry patch this afternoon. A gentle reminder to mark the early summer flowering canes immediately so I can sort out the mixed patch later in the year. We now have ribbons on the canes below the rounded buds.

I always welcome the forget-me-nots. The frothy drifts of small blue flowers are stunning and remind me of summers past. They also prompt me to stop, look and enjoy the moment. And that’s what gardening is all about, enjoying the moment whilst creating a future.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Katherine

    If you plant them now they should flower towards the end of the summer if you live in the UK. Our first flush or forget me nots are just coming into flower now. When they have finished flowering in a few months time I shake the seed into the borders and we get a second flush of plants in the autumn. If you plant them now you should get some flowering plants by late summer if not before.

  2. katherine

    I’ve just bought a packet of forge me nots. Is it too late to sow them for flowering this year? The packet says to sow them now and transplant them later in the year for flowering next year. I was hoping to see them flower this year!

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Patreesa

    I’ve just been doing the same!

  4. patreesa

    Found what I needed – mine bit scraggy didn’t know what to do. SO off I go and give them a shake for later in the year. Thank you

  5. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Magic Cochin

    I love the idea of ‘editing’ them!

    I didn™t know that goldfinches like eating their seeds.

    I haven’t heard of Water Forget-me-not – I must try and find some for the newt pond.

    Hi Amanda

    They are pretty and such a dreamy, romantic flower.

    Hi Kate(uk)

    Sparrows like them too. I must take a closer look when they go to seed.

    Hi Kathy

    I remember seeing forget-me-nots when I was a child and loving them too.

    Sometimes I find pink and blue flowers on the same plant. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a white forget-me-not.

  6. I love forget-me-nots. We had them all through out garden when I was a child (well, 10-15yo!). Besides the blue, we also had stacks of white forget-me-nots and some (beautiful!) pink ones as well. I love them!!

  7. Kate(uk)

    My forget-me-nots are looking good, it amazes me where they pop up in the garden,well away from their original spot, but I think my little flock of sparrows are the seed sowers- they just love them too!

  8. One year, when I was still living in East Lancashire, I had the most beautiful self-seeded forget-me-nots growing under my favourite peony plant. It was the most amazing sight but I should have been more diligent in assisting the self-seeding as it never happened again.

  9. They are very beautiful.

  10. magic cochin

    Forget-me-nots are like patches of summer sky – waht a cheery start to the day.

    You’re absolutely right that they are best left to plant themselves. I then ‘edit’ the planting so they are in ‘designed’ areas (my under-gardeners love helping with this!!!)

    Goldfinches love to feed on Forget-me-not seeds – another good reason to leave things as nature intended.

    Do you have Water Forget-me-not in your pond? It’s the newts very favourite leaf to wrap their eggs in!


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