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Happy New Year

I want 2010 to be full of laughter. So we’re celebrating the New Year with a competition. Anyone can enter and there’s no limit of the amount of entries per household. All you have to do is name the late arrivals to the Chef’s and Gardener’s Ball – do you remember this on ‘I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue?’

Play the clip above for some inspiration. The competition will close on Twelfth Night – January 6th 2010. And the winner will receive a battered paperback copy of The Nonsense Books of Edward Lear bought and signed by me in 1968. At 42 years old it’s alsmost an antique.

Happy new year everyone – let’s hope it’s a good one.

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  1. casalba

    The Panner family have joined us together with their son Tony.

    All the way from China, please welcome Mr & Mrs Ling with their small daughter Weeny.

    Please toast Mr & Mrs Talliot and their daughter Elly.

    Just entering the Cottage Smallholder’s Garden are Mr & Mrs Jar and their son Dino.

  2. ChickPea

    I think they are queuing up round the corner – here’s another unexpected surprise – Cousins Si L. and Greegn G. and Aunt Dot Age as well !

    Happy New Year !

  3. You lot are batty! A Very Happy New Year to you all, and hope the coming Year will bring lots of luck and good times

  4. Brilliant efforts all !!

    Chickpea – by introducing Lord and Lady Otto, you have broadened our horizons 🙂

    Please stand and raise your glasses to Baron and Baroness Falk and their sharp young daughter Nifeand

    Please charge your glasses and raise a toast to Duke Pick and his comely young consort, Toot

    Please welcome Signora Lizer and her fiancé Ferti

  5. ChickPea

    What a party ! The New Year will certainly start with goodwill and good cheer after time with this assembly. I would like to introduce…..

    …….Mr and Mrs G. Age, their daughters Reine G. and Wynd G. and their son, home from his travels for the holidays, Mr Miles Age….

    Madame Le Rol, and her daughter, Cassie….

    Mr and Mrs Were, and their son and daughter Law n Moe……

    and here, too, Lord and Lady Otto, and their son Rhys.

  6. Toffeeapple

    Too funny! Happy New Year to you both, may the blog and the forum go from strength to strength!

  7. brightsprite

    Will you please welcome Mr & Mrs Tonpleese and their rather large son, Piley

  8. Will you please welcome Mr & Mrs Lightweeding and their slim daughter Bitta

  9. Will you please welcome Mr and Mrs Tunnel and their hot little daughter Poly

  10. Will you please welcome Mr and Mrs Aflyinmysoup and their son Waiter-Theres

    Will you please welcome Mr and Mrs Postbin and their smelly son, Com

    Will you please welcome Mr and Mrs Worm and their hyperactive little daughter Wriggly

    Will you please welcome Mr and Mrs To and their juicy daughter Toma

    I could go on and on and on 🙂

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