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In praise of Salley Mavor


Book: Felt Wee Folk

Book: Felt Wee Folk

Have you heard of Salley Mavor? Looking for books on needle felting and working with felt I came across her stumpwork and appliqué  illustrations for children’s books. Her work intrigued me and I spent hours reading her blog  and examining her expert needlecraft. Superb and awe inspiring I just had to delve in deeper and deeper.

Just before Christmas, I invested in two of her books Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects and Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes.

I must admit I never thought that I would be ordering a book of nursery rhymes at my age but if you follow the link above and look inside the book you may understand why. The illustrations are enchanting and the more that I examine them the more inspiration I find.

At the moment I’m working on my first stumpwork project – a girl flying a kite. Her shirt is a ruffled slip of ribbon and her top just a scrap of felt. She’s not ready to be introduced to the world just yet but I’m having a lot of fun. Thank you Salley, this is a whole new adventure that’s fun and truly satisfying.

Incidentally Felt Wee Folk and Pocketful of Posies are quite a bit cheaper on The Book Depository site.

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  1. Toffeeapple

    I mean’t, of course, to say happened…

  2. Toffeeapple

    What a coincidence, I happen on her blog this very morning, lovely things, lovely things!

  3. Awesome stuff.

  4. potterjotter

    I am off to have a look now – it may inspire ideas for my work which is mostly textile influenced. Great blog by the way.

  5. I’m not even going to look!!! So many beautiful things to do and make but so little time these days. I miss all the time I had when I was ill but it is good to feel fully recovered now and I’m not going back to that awful place. I’m occupied with thick interlined curtains atm and would like to get back to knitting but the arthritis in my hands is holding me back on that one just now. Well, maybe I’ll just have a little peak …

  6. Skybluepinkish

    You are sliding down a slippery path … but it is a fun one! I have slid so far that I am considering my own sheep!

    Gillie x

  7. brightsprite

    Lovely book, Fiona – lots of inspirational ideas, too. Thankyou. x

  8. Michelle in NZ

    That should read “…contempory art, and also various fibre art …”

    I’m truely delighted with how my dear sister is getting on!

  9. Michelle in NZ

    I’m so very happy that you have discovered (rediscovered?) fun with threads and cloth, felt, yarn and beyond.

    I’m a granddaughter of a bespoke tailoress, younger daughter of a quilter and the sister of a wonderful woman who moved from the corperate banking world to curating contemporary and various fibre art via a Fine Arts Honours Degree in Textiles Art from Goldsmiths College back in the early 2000’s.

    These days I’m a dedicated knitter, loving working with natural, hand dyed warns, and working on my sock knitting skills. Wishing you much happy stitching,

    Michelle xxxx

    (“you know who” is busy snoring which means that he is properly sleeping)

  10. Arrrghhhh! As if I haven’t got enough blogs to follow, you have to post this one. Fiona!!!!!!!! Never mind all is forgiven, I love stumpwork and did a bit for my embroidery course, many moons ago. I can see why you bought the books

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