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Lucky break

The Stella Artois glass and portrait pf my great uncle 1914

The Stella Artois glass and portrait pf my great uncle 1914

Many years ago I popped one of those overpriced beer and a glass sets in Danny’s Christmas stocking. It was Stella Artois which we were very keen on at the time and actually I do still enjoy a ultra chilled pint in the summer. This glass remained Danny’s own – I never used it until last week. We both have our own special mugs too – is this a Virgo thing?

Back to last Saturday night. It was rather a chilly evening so I was wearing a thick outdoor jacket as I worked at my laptop at the kitchen table towards the end of the day. Danny poured out two beers and disappeared upstairs with one. The glass that he’d left was his Stella Artois one.

It was fun drinking out of the forbidden chalice. But then disaster struck. I stood up and moved away from the kitchen table. My jacket caught the empty glass and I watched it topple over, slowly roll across the table and shatter into a trillion pieces on the floor.

Disaster. It took ages to sweep up every shard that might lodge in a small Min Pin’s paw. And then I had to broach the subject with D.
“Oh never mind. I liked it but I didn’t love it.”

I made a mental note to keep my eyes peeled for a replacement next Christmas.

The next day was the Cheveley Summer Fete. We traditionally help on the bar each year – why do they really think that we are the best couple in the village to serve drinks?Admittedly my star cocktail for this very fete is my St Clements non alcoholic punch.

In our breaks we always make a beeline for the book, plants and White Elephant stalls. The White Ellie was a bit disappointing this year. In the past it has thrown up loads of treasures that I had no idea that I needed (instantly wanted). I bought a cute little bottle shaped vase that would be perfect for sweet peas and that was it. Danny had to be resuscitated with a chilled drink and the chance to go and look for bargains himself. Being an enemy of the hoarder he returned empty handed.

Towards the end of the day I pottered past the White Ellie and saw not one but two Stella Artois pint glasses, going for just 20p each! So now D has a replacement and a spare! For the first time I scored something that I actually needed. Expensive 2012 Christmas gift boxes eat your hearts out.


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  1. janerowena

    I know how you felt – I have broken many a favourite glass of my husband’s, and he wasn’t very forgiving – until he broke one of mine (yes, we do both have our favourites, it isn’t just you!) and then realised just how awful it made me feel, and why I always reacted as I did, desperately researching a replacement. He also broke a favourite vase, so I think we are now even.

    • Fiona Nevile

      Hi Janerowena

      Danny breaks more but that’s only because he unloads the dishwasher so I can’t really complain.

  2. Liza Thomas

    Love the new layout and glad that you are accessible again (IE8 user here). But please please put the archives back! I only discovered CSH recently and I was happily reading through your archives from the begenning, a few at a time whenever I was free. Now the archives are missing – or have you just moved the link to another place?

  3. casalba

    Shattered glass and dogs – nightmare! (Coincidentally, Dan managed to break a Black Label glass mug just two days ago.) Glad you were able to find another.

    BTW I now love this new look for your blog – and the posts now appear one after the other instead of side by side in two columns. Huge improvement and, yes, I was tempted to “read more”.

  4. Ruthdigs

    Would he like one of the Stella chalice type glasses? I have at least one spare…

    • Danny

      Yes he would!

      Maybe see you in July, Ruth, or give it to the Exeter Travelling Bear who will surely pass through these parts in the summer 🙂

      Thank you very much indeed. x x x x x

      • Ruthdigs

        It’s yours!! Is there a meet up date for July? Did I miss this somehow? Be great to see everyone again – otherwise I shall task the bear with it’s safe delivery. x

  5. Paula

    Some very good things have come to me second hand, although I did have to wean myself off second hand shops and flea markets by reminding myself that I already had enough projects…

  6. Sophie

    Brilliant 🙂 I love White Elephant stalls – they’re right up there with charity/op shops! Hubby used to despair, but since I found him a lovely old reel mower to restore at one he’s gotten hooked too 🙂

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