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Marrmite. jar and toastI used to always buy small jars of Marmite. I didn’t lavish it on bread every day so it seemed the sensible choice. But these dinky jars easily get lost in the larder.

When the Marmite Deamon took over I often couldn’t find the jar. I would carefully search each shelf and finally tear the larder apart. Eventually, two days later, I would discover the jar skulking behind the kitchen roll. Danny always got the blame. A bit unfair as he hates Marmite.

When I discovered that he really didn’t like Marmite I questioned the relationship (early days blip). How could I live with someone who didn’t like my ultimate comfort food?

Then I realised that I had someone rather special in tow.

Living with Danny means that my Marmite jar is rarely plundered. He has discovered that it can be used in cooking and adds it to Anna’s onion gravy.

I now buy large jars. Great for the short sighted and never lost. This evening I had toast and Marmite for supper. D was away and it filled the gap perfectly.

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  1. To Marmite or not seems to be the question!…
    I am going to purchase a jar to add depth of flavour to dishes. So Marmite or Vegemite, I see Sainsbury stock both, they have huge squeezy ‘jars’ of Marmite now, amazing what I’ve noticed since joining this great site, spotted ‘Frenchs’ mustard(all this with-out looking’) I was was ‘killing time’ whilst waiting for my prescription! I’ve been looking for that for a long time.
    Next time I’m out, I’ll get my Marmite, love the idea of the squeezy one, it’s huge,even I can’t miss that!
    I remember my Mum using ‘gravy salt’ always when I was small, it had to be Comptons though,it used to go rock hard,Mum would be hacking pieces off it to add to gravy. No-one can compete with Mums gravy Yorkshire puds!
    What a Sunday poor Mum had,she’d be up making ‘fadgies\'(bread buns),pastry,cakes,sweet savoury pies,make Sunday Lunch for about 12 people,never bat an eye-lid who we brought home to eat.
    Mum would ‘rest her eyes’whilst we washed up then start all over again ready to set the table for tea,icing cakes,melting chocolate,making icing for cream slices,whipping cream, yet she never seemed flustered!
    We’d finish tea,it would be bath,hair washed put in rags or plaited then we’d sit down to watch TV.
    Sunday was Mums day off from work!
    How did she fit it all in? Oh yes and full cooked breakfast to start with! How did we manage to consume it all!
    God Bless my Dear Mum, sadly missed, loved by all!
    OdelleS xxx

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Sam

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nick!

    I don’t eat Marmite for breakfast. We always have a dark bitter Seville orange marmalade (our own recipe) on toast.

    Everyone changes and shifts a bit in the best relationships ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i think the ad bods have got it so right at marmite hq. there is a grey area though. you love or hate it OR quite fancy it every now and then ( or that could just be nick!)98% of the time i’ll have marmite on my toast, the other 2% is dedicated to a variety of preserves, lemon curd, or jam……NEVER marmalade.
    like i said before, it could have been the beginning of the end, but he learnt the lesson, bought the marmite and the decaf was banished to the evening. people say you should never try to change the one you love and i agree……… but everyone needs a tweak here and there!!!!
    ps it is nicks birthday and we have cracked open a bottle or two… hence the long entry… apologies!

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Amanda

    I have never had Bovril – it is now on the list too.

    Hi Sam,

    There have been periods of my life when I have lived on toast and marmite. Best with white toast and lashings of butter.

    I bought decaf tea bags by mistake to take to work! Like drinking tea flavoured water. I could hardly struggle through the day!

    I am amazed that he now eats it – the sign of a truly sensible chap. Glad to hear the you are bringing up your children in the Marmite tradition!

  5. mmmmmm marmite! i can’t live without it. if nick is out and i don’t fancy any proper dinner it’s either pasta, ketchup and cheese or more often than not, a couple of white slices, butter and marmite, i’m a true classy bird!
    on my second date with nick, i arrived early to pick him up to go paintballing. he offer me breakfast, a cup of decaf tea and toast with no marmite………my face must have said it all. i was in two minds as to continue the relationship, but he bought a jar just for me to keep in the cupboard. the relationship was saved and when he proposed a few months later, i knew it was the marmite that had done it! he now eats it as do our children.

  6. I had bovril and peanut butter on a toasted bagel today as we were out of marmite. That was pretty good too. Have you really never tried bovril, not even as a hot drink when you were a child? We love it – Small is addicted to it. I’ll admit though to being worried that we’re going to get bovinespongywotsit from eating it.

  7. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve just looked at the ingredients! Don’t let this put you off. It is strong tasting and you’ll either love it or hate it. But if you love it, there’s no going back.

    My favourite comfort food is small marmite and cucumber sandwiches (brown bread, no crusts).

    Hi Hilary,

    Thanks for setting us straight on that. I have never tried Bovril.

    Hi Amanda,

    I will definitely try your combination. Peanut butter is on the list.

  8. Danny, oh no, you’ve outed me…!
    Truth be told I don’t really like peanut butter on its own. I like it turned into satay, thrown in a stir fry, mixed with marmite, or, and I always used to think the combination totally bonkers with jam, (jelly) – though not often.

    Fiona, try it and let me know what you think.

  9. Hilary Milburn


    Marmite is vegetarian – it’s a yeast extract, not to be confused with Bovril, which is meat based.

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