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Marrmite. jar and toastI used to always buy small jars of Marmite. I didn’t lavish it on bread every day so it seemed the sensible choice. But these dinky jars easily get lost in the larder.

When the Marmite Deamon took over I often couldn’t find the jar. I would carefully search each shelf and finally tear the larder apart. Eventually, two days later, I would discover the jar skulking behind the kitchen roll. Danny always got the blame. A bit unfair as he hates Marmite.

When I discovered that he really didn’t like Marmite I questioned the relationship (early days blip). How could I live with someone who didn’t like my ultimate comfort food?

Then I realised that I had someone rather special in tow.

Living with Danny means that my Marmite jar is rarely plundered. He has discovered that it can be used in cooking and adds it to Anna’s onion gravy.

I now buy large jars. Great for the short sighted and never lost. This evening I had toast and Marmite for supper. D was away and it filled the gap perfectly.

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  1. Marmite is new to me. I saw a jar of it at the grocery store today, I was so excited to find what I had been reading about on the Cottage Smallholder blog, but then I read the ingredients list…I can’t imagine eating it!

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Cherry

    I haven’t tried Vegemite. I have seen it fot sale in a specialist shop in Bury St Edmunds so I must buy some when I am next over there.

    Hi Philippa,

    Marmite and sugar sandwiches? I can remember sugar sandwiches when I was little (sort of soft and crunchy) but not with marmite.

    Hi Amanda,

    Must try this combination!

    Hi nà,

    I get crazes for Marmite and then don’t eat it for months.

    Hi Anne,

    Now that is true Marmiteitis. I find it quite strong so couldn’t do that!

    Hi Pat,

    A teaspoonful is great added to gravy or a stew.

    Hi Danny,

    All I can say is that Marmite is an acquired taste for the discerning.

    Hi Kate,

    I reckon that you are spot on. We were given marmite when we were children.

  3. When I first had a whiff of Marmite, I couldn’t believe that people put this on toast. It must be an acquired taste in childhood … English friends love it and can’t understand why it is near impossible to find in stores here. I like the look of the jars though …

  4. Danny Carey

    Well I think you guys are absolutely bonkers 🙂

    Anne, I can’t believe you can spoon it straight from cup to lip. The very thought has my stomach quaking. I wonder if you like Guinness?
    As for nà, how could you have been persuaded to change sides? There is no middle ground in the Great Marmite Debate – it’s love or hate!
    Amanda, until now I had considered you to be a lady of exquisite taste (!) How could you advocate ruining good peanut butter, God’s gift to students, bachelors and the under-privileged, by dousing it in The Devil’s Concoction?
    Philippa – your menu of sugar and TDC can only be forgiven by the tender years at which you embarked on this odious habit. If your left arm falls off, you know where to lay the blame!
    And as for Cherry . . . now I can understand hubby M’s penchant for offering to trade umbrellas for the ladies in other punts while punting on the Cam on a rainy day in July a few years ago. Vegemite? Sounds like a cheapened version of TDC, if one can imagine plumbing those unimaginable depths. See what it did to M? 🙂
    Only joking.
    You won™t find yours truly relinquishing his role as standard bearer for the opposition any time this century!

  5. I have not had this pleasure as yet. Not sure about it and wouldn’t want to waste a whole jar if I didn’t like it.

  6. anne waller

    i am a total marmite fan – but not spread on anything. i eat it by the spoonful, straight from the jar! absolutely gorgeous… mind you, theses days the following indigestion procludes frequent indulgence…blasted aging process.

  7. TRy marmite and peanut butter – it’s really good!

  8. ahhh, marmite!!!! what a creation that is!!!! i used to hate it and poke fun at my uni house matefor loving it so, but in the end she got me into it too!! an enormous jar sits with prize of place in the middle of one of our kitchen units smiling onto the kitchen with its yellow-lidded pleasure!!! i eat it less these days, but it is indeed a fine thing!!!

  9. I just bought another jar of Marmite — my favorite from youth. I can never be without one for long and yes, sometimes it gets hidden and I have to empty an entire shelf to find it. When I was 7 or 8 I had a boyfriend just down the road and I would get asked to stay for tea. We had Marmite and sugar sandwiches, which I thought were wonderful.

  10. Have you ever tried Vegemite?
    It is Down Under’s reply to Marmite. It
    has a slightly different taste, a bit milder and less salty than Marmite, but can be used in the same way. It is advocated by vegetarians, as it is not meat stock based.

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