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Mrs Boss The Movie

Mrs Boss and angry ginger henMrs Boss is the heroine of the Farming Friend’s /Cottage Smallholder Interblog Guinea Fowl Breeding event. She is now starring in her first movie, which opened this morning on YouTube. Click here to view Mrs Boss and her keets, filmed entirely on location in the hen run with a hand held camera.

The keets are starting to make tiny test flights in the handkerchief garden. The fact that they can fly so young has been a worry. When I opened the side of the castle to check their feed and change their water would they fly out? The netting in the main run is large and they could easily get through that straight into the jaws of the Min Pins who are keenly interested in all things tasty and feathered.

Mrs Boss’s castle is well designed with a small portcullis that can be raised and lowered from the outside. It is dropped when the keets have settled for the night, a bit of extra protection from draughts and vermin.

When the portcullis is raised in the morning they beetle out in the hope of finding something tasty, such as lettuce or chickweed in their run. As they fluttered about the handkerchief garden this morning I quickly lowered the portcullis, trapping them outside. They didn’t like this and marched up the ramp and tapped on the portcullis with tiny beaks. This continued on and off until I had cleaned the castle and given them a large mattress of fresh hay. I raised the portcullis and watched them through a crack in the castle wall. They shot in and bounced in the hay with little shrieks.

The keets are now much more interested in the world outside the confines of the castle and spend a lot of time looking out. The hens in the big run are interested in the inhabitants of the castle too. Mrs Boss’ enemy puffed up her neck feathers and made short small dashes towards the wire. Mrs Boss muscled up on her side and stood her ground. The keets watched this drama with interest.

They are noisy busy chicks, leaping for cover under Mrs Boss’ wings when it rains. Their teeny heads popping out every few seconds to check if it is still raining. They are a total distraction it is hard not to stand and watch them for hours.

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  1. I thought the film was running at a higher speed as well. Those keets can really move. It’s good to see the family doing so well.

  2. farmingfriends

    I loved the movie. Great to see Mrs Boss and the keets doing so well. I look forward to the sequel and the naming ceremony.
    Best Wishes.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  3. Fiona Nevile

    No, Amanda, the film is running at the normal keet speed. They are super fast when chickweed is the prize. Danny calls them the dodgem cars.

  4. Amanda

    Was the film speeded up? Either that or you have future olympic chicks there!

  5. Fiona Nevile

    Hi irent2u,

    Mrs Boss is so happy that I regret not letting her hatch out chicks/keets/any feathered fowl before.

    Hi Tammy,

    The bouncing on beds was incredible and touching.

    Hi Celia,

    Mrs Boss was on autoscratch for this movie. Perhaps she is getting the occasional worm. When Carol was a chick she scratched, the keets don™t seem to do much scratching at all.

  6. That’s just so great! I adore hens with feathered legs, and Mrs Boss’s scratching action is a delight to watch!


  7. Awww. Even baby keets jump on their beds!


    mrs. boss is simply wonderful

  9. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Michelle,
    Yes Mrs Boss has feathery legs and feet. She is a good mum, thank goodness. We would have our hands full if we had to care for those naughty keets.

  10. Michelle

    Oh heavens, Mrs. Boss IS such a good mother. I didn’t realize she had such feathery legs! The little chicks are so fast! The movie is adorable, I hope you post more in the future!

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