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Photo: Muddy wellies

Photo: Muddy wellies

Working in the vegetable patch is muddy. There is also a long grassless path straight down the lawn – this is where the Min Pin gang pounds up and down. It’s the most direct route to the mouse hole village in the pond garden. They peer into the small round front doors and sometimes try to dig out the mice. This gets them filthy in minutes.

We do have a large Turtle Mat beside the back door for mud encrusted Min Pin paws. And this is where we take off our wellies.

I wear rubber sailing boots for gardening. They are easier to get on and off and are much more comfortable than full length Wellingtons. But when they are wet and muddy they are still a palaver. And however well I plan my stints in the garden I seem to endlessly have to return to the cottage for scissors or string or the loo.

Sometimes I’m a bit naughty and creep through the cottage in my muddy boots – this always seems to leave a mark however daintily I tread. I pretend to Danny that it’s Min Pin footprints but he’s not fooled. Looking online for a Christmas present for Danny to give me I was thrilled to find something that would alleviate the muddy boot/pale carpet problem for good. 
Do you want a sneak preview of what Danny is giving me for Christmas?  They will change my life!

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Pamela

    Danny wears white sheepskin boots – don’t ask!

    Good idea though. Will have a look in the market next week.

    Hi Karen

    Some friends of mine had a loo built in the garden to get over this problem. It was called The Gardener’s Loo.

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