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Mushrooms braised in butter and red wine recipe


Photo: Steak and kidney with braised mushrooms

Photo: Steak and kidney with braised mushrooms

At the moment we are flat out making jars of chutney and Christmas relishes for our garden gate stand which hopefully will be up and running this weekend. So supper has to be quick and easy. The slow cooker is busy bubbling away with meals which are frozen in portions so we can eat well with the minimum palaver. I’ve discovered that freezing in portions of about 2 centimetres deep means that these meals can be heated from frozen very gently in a sauté pan with a lid.

We quite often eat steak and kidney pie filling without the pastry topping. Instead we team it with baked potatoes and lots of vegetables. Last night I realised that we didn’t have much veg and with only 10 minutes before serving time I rustled up these mushrooms. To speed up the cooking time I added a splosh of red wine. What a lucky break – they were unbelievably tasty and went very well with the deep notes of the organic steak and kidney.

I’m going to play with this recipe as a starter – as a topping on crustless sliced French bread prepared and baked in the oven like croutons – it could be a winner.

Mushrooms braised in butter and red wine recipe (for 2)

3-4 white cup mushrooms sliced fine
Half a tsp of garlic granules
Large pinch of Italian mixed herbs
A walnut sized knob of butter
3 tbsp of red wine


Melt the butter in a saucepan.

Toss in the mushrooms and stir so they are coated well with the butter.

Add the garlic granules and herbs.

Pour in the red wine and stir, let the mushrooms simmer in the wine and they should be soft and ready to serve in about five minutes.

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  1. looks delicious!
    Good luck with the garden gate sales; I sold quite a lot in the last week for xmas!

  2. It looks so gooood.

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