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Mystery perennial. Can you help?

Photo: Mystery plant

Photo: Mystery plant

The main herbaceous borders are planted in a haphazard cottage style. The borders either side of the bower are about 10 feet deep. Many of the new plants come from the secret garden stand . At three for just £1.00 they are a bargain as they are always good strong plants.

This past couple of weeks I’ve been drawn to gaze at this wonderful combination – pink Aquilegia that reminds me of giant shrimps (I have a passion for sea food) and a pretty white perennial which shares similar leaves to a phlox but has a wonderful almost lazy wildness. Tall blue and white lupins stand behind them and the last of the forget-me-nots and bluebells bloom and at their feet.

Danny is intrigued by my trips to pay homage.
“I saw you looking at your border again this morning.”
Living things change a little everyday. Each journey to the border is a revelation and the pleasure just breathes a bit deeper every time. I know that by next month the flowers will have faded and another combination might seduce me but for now I’m delighted to dive in here every morning and evening.

I’ve been trying to discover the name of the white flowered perennial.

Does anyone out there recognise this plant? Can you put a name to a beautiful face for me?

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Kate (uk)

    Thanks for this. I’d love to grow these in all colour variations. Must look out for mixed seeds!

  2. kate (uk)

    As my bus drove into the park and ride this evening I noticed a huge block of Hesperis growing in one of the wild bits near the bus stop – fenced off, so sadly no chance of seed nabbing- all shades from pure white to dark purple. Beautiful- they really glow in the twilight.

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Rosemary

    Thanks so much for dropping by. I must look out for the seeds of the violet one it sounds wonderful.

  4. Rosemary

    Yes it’s Dame’s Violet (hesperis matronalis)I have been growing this for many years and I really love it.I have the violet colour at the moment and it usually seeds each year,but sometimes new plants need to be bought or raised from seed….

  5. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Lucy

    Thank you so much.

    My brother lives in NZ. It’s a very beautiful place with such a lot of unspoilt space. But I do love this cottage and its garden.

    Great that you liked the chestnut jam.

    Hello Mary

    Thank you for your help.

    Hi Joolsfw

    What lovely names this plant has!

    I really enjoyed looking at your auricular theatre ?

    Hello Catofstripes

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hello Magic Cochin

    I thought that you’d probably have the answer ? Thank you.

    I hadn’t noticed the scent before but yu are right it’s delicious at dusk!

    Hi Chris

    Oh poor you! Rabbits can be a nightmare. These can do so much damage and like Munjac deer are a bit of a problem around here. Luckily we have to have decent fencing in our garden as Min Pins are great ramblers and explorers.

    I think that Michelle’s ideas are great and well worth thinking about. Quite a few of the large estates around here protect their boundaries with fine chicken wire – but that’s a really expensive option.

    I typed in ‘plants that rabbits hate’ into Google and found a list of 144 plants and shrubs here

    Hi Michelle

    Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

    My sister’s cats used to kill a lot of rabbits when she lived in the country.

    Hi Michelle NZ

    Your weather sounds horrid.

    It’s been lovely and hot over here. Clear blue skies. The Min Pins sunbathing in the garden. It was so hot today that I spent most of the day reading a book by our pond.

    Hugs to you and Zebbycat

    Hi S.o.L.

    Thanks for the tip. We have a new branch of Asda, 20 minutes away so I’ll be speeding over there for pene and beans. Thanks.

    Hello Amanda

    I love the comments too.

    Hi The Chicken Lady

    Thank you! They are gorgeous flowers. I’m going to save some seed and grow more for the border on the other side.

  6. The Chicken Lady

    Sweet Rocket. I bought some from the 3 for a £1 lady also.

  7. Amanda

    They’re beautiful and now we all know what it’s called. I love all the comments that people leave Fiona. It gives a sense of community. xx

  8. chris

    Hi Michelle
    Thank you so much for all your suggestions and help and the work you put in to do so.
    I will certainly go online and source these predator based repellents to see what is available to me and what may work. I only have chickens but do think if they could free range at will (not possible because of the fox)they would probably see the rabbits off for the most part. They are quite the little predator themselves! lol
    Anyway, thanks again for your help. It has given me some hope.

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