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Not feeling very well tonight

Photo: Stone dog in the snow

Photo: Stone dog in the snow

The decorating is going well but suddenly I have broken out in an itchy rash that is slowly driving me nuts, so I’m off to bed with the Min Pins and an inorganic hottie.

We still have snow on the ground here in the village. Danny went on a 240 mile round trip to the M4 corridor today. He saw no snow from the time he left until he returned to the cottage. It’s nice but a bit tawdry now, just like our kitchen before I began painting it.

By this time next week the snow should be gone and the cottage kitchen should be glistening.

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  1. Hello Fiona

    Have posted you a book today.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better, but what a nuisance developing an allergy to paint! Hope the gloves etc. work.

    Your paint sounds amazing though — 50% savings on light! Wish I’d known about it earlier, but when we do some more redecorating I’ll deefinitely see if it’s available here.

  3. Jo @ LittleFfarm Dairy

    Thank goodness you’re feeling better! Sorry, I haven’t been able to visit for a few days as things have been a bit busy here – hard work as snowed in for a week & a half (got off the farm for the first time yesterday!) – plus I’m getting ready for kidding (I suspect Ninny’s about to pop!).

    Part of the Squadron I ran whilst in the RAF included a Petrols, Oils & Lubricants Section (POL) which essentially managed aircraft refuelling, & the associated systems (a bit like a petrol station only on an absolutely massive scale – & we take the fuel to the ‘vehicles’, not the other way around!).

    One of the Section’s duties was to manage the multitude of paints on the Station – as you can imagine we had a pretty diverse range! However this Section had a very high staff turnover; as many people developed allergic reactions to the products over time. I suppose it’s a bit like beekeeping; get stung too often & you run the risk of getting an increasingly extreme reaction. So keep those antihistamines handy…!

    Glad it turned out to be nothing more horrible & lingering – there are few things worse than an itchy, allergic rash!

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Michelle

    Thank you so much for this link and taking the trouble to find it. D and I were really panicky when it first broke out.

    I was talking to my mum this evening who was concerned about the rash (she reads the blog on her mobile phone at 89 years old!) and I was able to say that I had discovered the answer already!

    Hi Moonroot

    I’ve just finished The Lovely Bones and I’m bereft. Have to fins something else to read that’s just as good?

    Yes I’m much better. Have discovered that I’m allergic to all paint so gloves on and windows opened wide from now on.

    Hi KarenO

    No shingles or chicken pox, thank goodness.

    The paint is brilliant. I’m dazzled by it literally. When I have breaks, I’m going to paint all the cottage with it. In the evening you need about 50% or less light.

    Hi S.O.L.

    Thank you so much for dropping by.

  5. glad to hear you are feeling better!

  6. Glad you’re feeling better. Glad the paint is so good too. (& glad it’s not chicken pox or shingles!)

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