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Photo: Inca last Autumn

Photo: Inca last Autumn

No time for tunnelling today as Inca is ill. She wasn’t well yesterday and a lengthy trip to the vet threw up few clues. She was vomiting all night – white bedclothes are great for working out how much this has happened.

So it was back to the vet today. Inca is insured but we have to pay the vet’s bills and then claim the money back from the insurance company, which can take months. The balance on my account was sparse so I plucked up the courage to say that I couldn’t actually pay any more bills – yesterday’s was over 60 pounds. Today’s blood tests were 86 pounds and they wanted to do x-rays and possibly an MRI scan as well. The latter can cost thousands.

I cringingly explained my circumstances. The vet instantly said,
“In certain circumstances we will deal directly with the insurance company. You need to bring back your insurance documents and we’ll see what we can sort out.”

There’s the rub. Everything is in a mess at the cottage at the mo. I knew that an insurance reminder had arrived sometime in the past two months. So as Inca was sedated and x-rayed I sifted through carrier bags looking for the up to date policy.

Initially I couldn’t find the relevant documents. I studied a bank statement and couldn’t spot a direct debit to More>Than. Panic.
In our out of date policies and instructions drawer I found the 2008 policy. Not wanting to appear a fool I rang the company and gave my policy number.
“Ah yes. The Lady Midnight Amber (her kennel name). What can we do for you?”

The relief was enormous

Yes. They can deal with vets direct. I pay the excess of 70 pounds and 10% of the vet’s bills. Thank you Swayne and Partners of Newmarket. You made my day and hopefully very soon we can find out what’s wrong with Inca.

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  1. Vanessa

    Bib – We have already started the ball in motion with this. They have a duty of care on those footpaths, and its digusting that they are so blase about it.
    Randomly, the woman at the council seemed more bothered about Badgers then children, but if it gets the message through to someone, I dont mind!

    Still thinking about Inca, sending love xx

  2. Magic Cochin

    Just catching up after a few days outside the blog-zone. Phew! I’m so relieved you’ve got insurance for the vet bills. I’m crossing my fingers the treatment will be successful for Inca.

    We use the same vet (different surgery) they are lovely people, always very kind and helpful. You’re also lucky to live near Newmarket and Cambridge, lots of very skillful vets.


  3. Sarah Smith

    Min Pins Berry & Basil wish Inca a speedy recovery, they know all about tummy troubles!

    So glad you have the insurance! We have insurance on Basil and it has really helped.

    Take care,

  4. kate (uk)

    Hope all turns out well- never good having a pet ill.Hug to all.

  5. Crikey what a scare. I could feel your panic as you looked for the insurance documents I have been there myself.
    Vet bills leave me in a cold sweat as we are not insured. After reading your experience I am thinking perhaps I should look around and see who is worth going with.
    The fact your vets are dealing with the insurance company direct is fantastic.

  6. Vanessa – the landowners might not care at the moment, but I bet the local Health & Safety or Public Health Officer could make them care. What a dog can eat, so can a child. Pleased to hear your boy made a good recovery.

  7. Shereen

    I swear I breathed a sigh of relief when you got to the bit about the policy number. Hope Inca makes a speedy recovery.

  8. That’s very funny, Liz- my brother had a cat who did the same thing with his white sofa, only she’d do it after a dose of Petromalt, so it looked like a long, nasty tobacco stain running down the outside of the sofa. The shower curtain was a good idea.

    Fiona- my heart goes out to you and Danny and Inca, and her pack mates, who are no doubt tuned in to her distress. I hope that they quickly figure out what’s wrong and have a good treatment for it and that’s she’s well soon. Good luck!

  9. Many years ago our elderly cats decided their favourite place to deal with hairballs was the settee, with its lovely pale creamy “country diary” pattern. The solution? A fabric shower curtain, in the right pattern, tucked over the settee, good wipe down surface and not too crinkly when sat on….

    Shame about the bed clothes, but at least white can be bleached….

    Good luck with the diagnosis! I think everyone who loves their animals feels for you all just now.

  10. Vanessa

    Sending lots of love and wishes that they find out what is wrong with Inca soon.

    Its so scary when a pet is ill and you cant do anything to help. Have been through a scary couple of weeks after some very stupid people who have a public footpath running through their land put rat poison down all over it (as they have chickens). It wasnt in traps, and my very naughty Jack Russell, Cooper, wolfs anything down that he thinks he shouldnt have. After getting rushed to the vets, he has had 2 weeks of blood tests and vitamin K injections, and food supplements to make sure that the blood thinning poison didnt kill him. Its just been awful. As has the reaction of the people whose land it was – they dont seem to care 🙁

    Thank god for insurance, as the bill has already topped £500!

    I hope that Inca has a speedy recovery once diagnosed, and that you and Danny are ok too x

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