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Photo: Inca last Autumn

Photo: Inca last Autumn

No time for tunnelling today as Inca is ill. She wasn’t well yesterday and a lengthy trip to the vet threw up few clues. She was vomiting all night – white bedclothes are great for working out how much this has happened.

So it was back to the vet today. Inca is insured but we have to pay the vet’s bills and then claim the money back from the insurance company, which can take months. The balance on my account was sparse so I plucked up the courage to say that I couldn’t actually pay any more bills – yesterday’s was over 60 pounds. Today’s blood tests were 86 pounds and they wanted to do x-rays and possibly an MRI scan as well. The latter can cost thousands.

I cringingly explained my circumstances. The vet instantly said,
“In certain circumstances we will deal directly with the insurance company. You need to bring back your insurance documents and we’ll see what we can sort out.”

There’s the rub. Everything is in a mess at the cottage at the mo. I knew that an insurance reminder had arrived sometime in the past two months. So as Inca was sedated and x-rayed I sifted through carrier bags looking for the up to date policy.

Initially I couldn’t find the relevant documents. I studied a bank statement and couldn’t spot a direct debit to More>Than. Panic.
In our out of date policies and instructions drawer I found the 2008 policy. Not wanting to appear a fool I rang the company and gave my policy number.
“Ah yes. The Lady Midnight Amber (her kennel name). What can we do for you?”

The relief was enormous

Yes. They can deal with vets direct. I pay the excess of 70 pounds and 10% of the vet’s bills. Thank you Swayne and Partners of Newmarket. You made my day and hopefully very soon we can find out what’s wrong with Inca.

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  1. Michelle in NZ

    Poor dear Inca, I hope your darling is better soon. Zebbycat get to have his teeth cleaned under a general anaesthetic on Tuesday. While under the vet will also remove a small cyst in his skin in the lad’s lower back. Confess the worst of it wiil be carrying my 7 kilo darling up my 54 steps – infuriatingly he doesn’t keep still.

    Sending huggles, purrs and care from us, Michelle and Zebby

  2. Best wishes to Inca and for you and the rest of the gant too. It’s so horrible when pets are poorly and they can’t tell us what’s wrong. Ollie (a.k.a. “Sicknote”) has been through the mill a few times now; dogs are tough, and they know when they are loved, and it seems to make a big difference to them. Positive thoughts are winging their way to you from us over here x

  3. Toffeeapple

    What a horrible thing to happen, I hope Inca is in tip-top form very soon.

  4. Ruthdigs

    Oh well done your vets – it makes such a difference when they are so nice and supportive. All my positive thoughts going to Inca getting better now – hugs all round.

  5. Thank goodness it hadn’t lapsed! I hope you can find out what’s wrong and that they can make her better soon. I lost my old girl on Tuesday, only 4 months after losing Harry, and it’s awful.

  6. Danette

    I hae had More Than for all my cats & the vets have lways dealt with them direct?I pay the excess to the vet,fill in the form there & they do the rest.I rate More Than with a big thumbs up so far lol!
    Hope little min The Lady gets better soon. I have a deep longing for a white quite cover but Malory my short hair cat is making me shake my head,on my patterned ones he sleeps everywhere but the bit at the end I lay there for him lol!
    GTM x x x

  7. Oh i know exactly how you feel. It is never nice when a pet is ill and I did thank God when a lump my Midge had a few years ago turned out to be benign. Pet insurance, especially when you have more than one animal makes good sense. I hope Inca is well soon. My heart goes out to you and Danny and the other Min Pins. We love our dogs so much.

  8. Natasha

    Get well soon Inca!!

  9. Cookie Girl

    Oh goodness me, I was holding my breath there ! Thank goodness you had remembered to renew.
    My brother’s house burned down last year – he was pretty glad he was insured too.. these policies are there for good reason.

    I really hope you manage to get a diagnosis soon, and treatment underway so your little Inca is back on her feet soon.

  10. If it’s any consolation, one of our dogs did this last week and had to be rushed to the vet for X-rays, too. She had vomited all night and during the day, so they thought it might be a blockage. Thank goodness, it wasn’t and after a course of Synulox (?) she’s made a perfect recovery. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    ps She was also given an anti-emetic, which was a relief for her.

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