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Slow baked belly of pork with green tomatoes, coriander and lime recipe


Photo: Belly of pork with green tomatoes

Photo: Belly of pork with green tomatoes

We have never had so many green tomatoes knocking about the house. Some will turn red eventually but I decided to try cooking with some green ones. Their flavour improves with long slow cooking so combining them with a small joint of belly of pork would make a sumptuous meal for two.

The result was unbelievably good, stunning fruity tangy flavours offsetting the melt in the mouth pork. Tears over not having many toms to bottle were wiped away with the first mouthful. I’m going to freeze and dry some batches of green tomatoes as this recipe is a real winner and so easy.

I can’t wait to experimenting further with green tomatoes as an ingredient. Do you have a favourite recipe?

Slow baked belly of pork with green tomatoes, coriander and lime recipe


300g joint of boned belly of pork
300g of green tomatoes (chunky slices)
The juice of half a small lime (about 2 tbsp)
2 tbsp of coriander (cilantro) powder
Sprinkle of salt to rub in the crackling
Coriander leaves to garnish

1. Set the oven to 170c (150c fan)
2. Tear off a length of aluminium foil to house the tomatoes and the joint (about 10cm larger than the joint) Pull up the sides to form a nest and arrange the tomatoes in the foil, sprinkle over the coriander powder and mix into the tomatoes. Pour over the lime juice.
3. Place the joint on top of the tomatoes and rub a sprinkling of salt into the crackling. Form the foil into a snug nest around the joint, leaving the crackling exposed and ensuring that the fat from the crackling will drip into the foil nest. Roast for 3.5 – 4 hours.
4. Remove the pork and green tomatoes to a warm place to rest (cover it with foil and a thick towel to keep the heat in) whilst you prepare your other vegetables.

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  1. I want to try some green tomatoes now! 🙂 Great recipe!

  2. freerangegirl

    This looks and sounds delicious. I do like a fried green tomatoe, particulary in a cornmeal batter, I think i picked up the recipe years ago after the movie of the same name came out. These look very good though!

  3. Kooky Girl

    What a great recipe – sounds good and looks tasty. I have never cooked with green tomatoes before, most of mine have ripened on the vine this year. If I find some green ones, I think I will try some in a stir fry.

  4. Michelle in NZ

    I’ve used green tomatoes in stir-frys. The tomatoes don’t get mushy, they sweeten with the heat and give an amazing flavour “zing”.

    And, as Lara has written above, they are great pan fried (the greener the better). Sending care and huggles, Michelle

  5. I also do green tomato salsa, a cooked one with onions, roasted peppers and chiles, seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon or lime, cumin, and oregano. Good with Mexican food, but also with cheese and biscuits or cheese on toast. I do also like pan-fried green tomatoes as an accompaniment – coat in seasoned flour, then in maizemeal/polenta. One year when we had an excess of green tomatoes there was an experiment with a green tomato pie. Not particularly successful…

  6. you can make a version of tomatillo salsa with green tomatoes instead of the usual tomatillos (which are a kind of green tomato or related to the physallis I think). Roughly blended with lime, coriander, chili and garlic. Lovely with mexican food.

    Tomatillos are hard to find fresh here so green tomatoes work well!

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