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Slowly getting better


Photo: Inca relaxing on my bed

Photo: Inca relaxing on my bed

“You have been very poorly so recovery will be slow. Eat well, rest a lot and try to do a little more each day without pushing yourself.”
I like my doctor. She’s positive and pretty and laughs at my jokes.

This is my eleventh week off work. I can do a little more each day but feel exhausted most of the time.

But it’s been so good to have time off to reflect and plan and spend a bit more time in the garden, even if it’s just lying on the swing seat reading a book. I’ve also loved having the time to enjoy and experiment with new ways of preserving our harvests.

I’ve got some good recipes in the pipeline too. Tomorrow’s post is for a delicious spiced apple butter. And those mussels rejected by Danny and cooked in lemon and white wine were pretty good too.

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  1. I remember when I had glandular fever many years ago how slow the recovery was, and how frustrated I got at feeling so feeble if I tried to do even a little bit too much. I’m told that ME is very similar but lasts for years rather than weeks or months. I hope you get back to full strength before too long, and in the meantime enjoy having some extra time to ‘stop and stare’.

  2. Good to hear things are improving for you Fiona- hope it continues.I recommend finding yourself a mulberry tree to scrump from…guaranteed to make you feel good.

  3. Hello,

    I have been following your lovely blog for quite some time. You have become quite a friend and I often refer to your site for advice and ideas. I have long wanted to respond but, being almost computer illiterate, I haven’t found it easy to do so. Today though, on reading how long you have been poorly, I have made a special effort and I hope it works ! I just want to say that I am so sorry to read that you have been so poorly for so long and hope that you will now be getting better fast ! You sound like a person who hardly ever sits down to do nothing but relax so, indeed, this enforced time off has probably been quite valuable in a weary sort of way. But, no doubt about it, enuff’s enuff, isn’t it ! So here are my very best wishes for your recovery and thanks for all the joy you bring !!!

  4. Good news Fiona. I have been logging in every day in the hope of an up date and I’m glad you’re on the mend now.
    It’s nice to be at home and have some time at least to spend doing what you really want to do rather than what you really have to do so don’t you rush back to work!x

  5. So sorry that you have been unwell for so long.
    As you say the only upside has been you being able to spend more time with your MinPins and other animals. They at least must have been very happy! We are sending you good vibes for a continued recovery. x

  6. That’s a long time! I just can’t imagine being off work for that long — it’s tough when you are self-employed! But your body obviously needs the rest. So keep taking it easy, and I hope you are completely well sooner rather than later. It’s good that you feel well enough to potter sometimes, we are all benefiting from it 🙂

  7. Toffeeapple

    Gosh, eleven weeks is a very long time to be unwell. I do hope that your recovery will be fast. It is nice to be at home though isn’t it?

  8. Your doctor sounds lovely. So glad to read you’re feeling a bit better Fiona, long may it continue. xx

  9. Michelle in NZ

    Yes, little by little, you’ll get there. The Min Pins must so love having you around all day.

    Do try drying some plum slices in the dehydrator. You’ll get flavoursome jewels to munch on in mid winter.

    Keep on healing, sending love and care, Michelle and snorey-cat

  10. Glad to hear your getting better. It is good to have time to reflect even if it is enforced.

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