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Review: Alternative remedies from Diana Mossop


Photo: Some of Diana's remedies

Photo: Some of Diana's remedies

Danny and I went to London this afternoon to see an alternative healer. Diana Mossop  lives in Jersey and consults in London and Jersey. She is the founder of the Institute of Phytobiophysics and has a marvellous reputation for healing ailments and conditions that conventional medicine seems not to be able to help. Around here she is known as The White Witch and many, desperate but “semi scoffers” have been helped by her methods and now visit her regularly.

She has been developing and using her own flower formulas for years starting with a friendship with a witch doctor’s daughter in Africa when she was five years old. She’s the sort of alternative practitioner that would have Bad Science frothing at the mouth. I don’t care if they visit here and pour scorn on my opinion. I think Diana is great.

In fact the last time I went to London was to see her, three years ago. My energy levels were low and her treatments worked really well for me. Up until now I haven’t felt well enough to make the trip to the Big Smoke (70 miles, 90km, 2.5 hours) during this present malaise.

I left Danny sitting outside the Marble Arch branch of Prêt with a good book and a large beaker of coffee and an hour to people-watch as I whistled off to Upper Berkeley Street. Just seeing Diana makes me feel better – vibrant, attractive, full of ideas.

She has an uncanny knack of pinpointing things that are going on with me. Stress clearly has an effect on health. Not being 100% fit is stressful. She also picked up that I had the remains of the swine flu virus and glandular fever. Apparently the glandular picture doesn’t always appear on a blood test. I must admit that I was delighted to find out what was going on with me as I beginning to think it was M.E. I trust Diana as much as my conventional doctor. If Diana has supplements to help me get over this three month bout of illness, then that’s great.

I left with a bag full of remedies to reignite my system.
“You are really very strong Fiona. You can beat this.”

Needless to say I’m also following the conventional medicine route. I’m seeing my GP tomorrow for another test. I‘ll be interested to see what she thinks about alternative practitioners and Diana in particular. I‘m pretty sure that she’ll say,
“If her treatments make you feel better, I’m all for it.”

It’s the positive attitude that’s the key.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I’ve had the swine flu in July and I’ve almost stopped coughing but I’m still very tired, however, the tireness seems to come in waves, one day I’m totally exhausted and the next I’m full of energy so a strange bug, hopefully I will be over it sooner than later as it’s very frustrating. I like to be busy so I don’t have time to be ill. Best of luck Fiona – together we’ll beat this thing.

  2. Toffeeapple

    Good news indeed! This has been a long haul for you but the end of it must surely be in sight. I’ve long been a user of Homeopathic remedies and feel that they are better suited to our bodies than many of the synthetic drugs. Wishing you a fast recovery.

  3. Michelle in NZ

    A “Double Happy” – that you were well enough to have taken the trip to London and that you visited a “tried and true for you” healer.

    I feel so many positives for you from all this.

    I’m sure Zebby would offer his support too, only right now he is very busy testing out sleep once more.

    Much love and care from Michelle and my daft purrball.

  4. veronica

    Alternative remedies or no, I’m completely with you and your GP on the positive attitude. What’s going on in your head is really, really important when you are ill for a long time. So I’m glad that you left your consultation with Diana feeling positive, and I hope her treatments give you the boost you need. It must be so demoralising being laid up for so long without really knowing what’s wrong.

  5. Mariam.

    My dear Fiona, I have actually been praying that you would try the “alternative route” ! The more tired we feel, the harder everything gets and it is a down down down spiral, we are lucky if depression does not invite itself into our lives as well. Well done – the note of hope in your message has been picked up by your body. You will get better. My best wishes for you.

    You know, people healed themselves for centuries without the benefit of cientific medicine.

    Cience is only as good as the human element using it and it has only been around for a century or so …

  6. So it *was* glandular fever after all. I thought your symptoms sounded remarkably similar to mine when I had it many years ago (too exhausted to even sit on the loo unsupported). Rest, rest and more rest.

  7. jackie Gibbins

    Hi Fiona.

    I’m glad you’ve seen someone else, I was only thinking, after seeing the picture the other day of you in bed, that this has been going on a long time.

    Let’s hope this gives your body the support it needs to heal.

    Best wishes,


  8. hi fiona im also a follower of alternative medicine homeopathy being my favourite.i use vit c and echinacea as remedies also hope your remedies make you well.carole

  9. Michelle from Oregon

    Fiona, I have been a believer in alternate medicine for a long time. It seems to me that folks had to do someting to take care of themselves before pharm. companies came along. If it makes you feel better, hey, I’m all for it!

  10. Fiona, has it really been three months already? I’m so sorry to hear. I wouldn’t be half alive without alternative practitioners myself and so am very glad that you made it to one.
    For what its worth, those who have bonafide cases of swine flu in the U.S. do report lingering effects, at least so far, from what I have read. They eventually do get better just takes a while. The same for glandular fever (if its what we call mono or Epstien Barr virus here).
    Anyhow, I do wish you well, sending you good vibes now!
    I am sure Diana is taking good care of you but if its glandular fever as I know it, take good care of your liver! A friends daughter had it and her liver was very enlarged for a long time.

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