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Review: Alternative remedies from Diana Mossop


Photo: Some of Diana's remedies

Photo: Some of Diana's remedies

Danny and I went to London this afternoon to see an alternative healer. Diana Mossop  lives in Jersey and consults in London and Jersey. She is the founder of the Institute of Phytobiophysics and has a marvellous reputation for healing ailments and conditions that conventional medicine seems not to be able to help. Around here she is known as The White Witch and many, desperate but “semi scoffers” have been helped by her methods and now visit her regularly.

She has been developing and using her own flower formulas for years starting with a friendship with a witch doctor’s daughter in Africa when she was five years old. She’s the sort of alternative practitioner that would have Bad Science frothing at the mouth. I don’t care if they visit here and pour scorn on my opinion. I think Diana is great.

In fact the last time I went to London was to see her, three years ago. My energy levels were low and her treatments worked really well for me. Up until now I haven’t felt well enough to make the trip to the Big Smoke (70 miles, 90km, 2.5 hours) during this present malaise.

I left Danny sitting outside the Marble Arch branch of Prêt with a good book and a large beaker of coffee and an hour to people-watch as I whistled off to Upper Berkeley Street. Just seeing Diana makes me feel better – vibrant, attractive, full of ideas.

She has an uncanny knack of pinpointing things that are going on with me. Stress clearly has an effect on health. Not being 100% fit is stressful. She also picked up that I had the remains of the swine flu virus and glandular fever. Apparently the glandular picture doesn’t always appear on a blood test. I must admit that I was delighted to find out what was going on with me as I beginning to think it was M.E. I trust Diana as much as my conventional doctor. If Diana has supplements to help me get over this three month bout of illness, then that’s great.

I left with a bag full of remedies to reignite my system.
“You are really very strong Fiona. You can beat this.”

Needless to say I’m also following the conventional medicine route. I’m seeing my GP tomorrow for another test. I‘ll be interested to see what she thinks about alternative practitioners and Diana in particular. I‘m pretty sure that she’ll say,
“If her treatments make you feel better, I’m all for it.”

It’s the positive attitude that’s the key.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi KarenO

    Great to hear the your hubby didn’t have to go on steroids.

    Thanks for all your advice. I’m really cutting down on the meat in my diet to give the kidneys a bit of a break. Good the tip about alcohol too.

    Hi Helen

    Really good to hear from you. I’m so pleased that you have had good results with photobiophysics. I like the way that Diana treats the whole person – yes, I have some glitches that are being ironed out too.

    Thanks for the song. I know that I’m on the road to recovery and a better life all-round.

  2. Haery Faery

    That’s great that you know Diana, I was introduced to Phytobiophysics by my acupuncturist Brian Munday whilst I lived in Ireland. At the time I was crippled by pain half the month by a grapefruit sized endometriosis cyst in one of my ovaries.
    I found phytobiophysics hard to believe in at first until I experienced the results. Not only did my pain reduce dramatically but I was able to tackle and eradicate some emotionally driven habits/addictions that were detrimental to my health and learn to love myself better.
    Brian offered to do a long distance analysis of my Mums health for us using a swab from her mouth as he was training a student. Although I was touching the remedies, her vibrational readings were so dramatically different to my own that the accuracy of it really hit home. Not only that but the results I came away with were akin to her having seen a fortune teller, down to details such as a predisposition to benign breastlumps in the right breast…which she previously had!
    I went on to use Phytobiophysics for the birth of my son and had a wonderful experience. The birthing kit was very simple to follow for my partner and empowered him too, being able to administer the remedies to support the different stages…although I had to tell him to stop at the pushing stage as I had my mouth FULL of little sugar pillules!
    Friends to whom I’ve recommended remedies have also had a very positive experience.
    I spent the last year, before we found our place staying on the land of a lady who is originally from Jersey, and was delighted to discover she knows Diana, and also has a full collection of flower formulas and books…fascinating reading! She has a beautiful 5 year old daughter who has quite severe cerebral palsy and has had very good results using the tree formulas…I could tell many many stories of people in my life that have been helped by phtobiophysics!
    We are all energetic life-forms, although humans are attuned to so few frequencies, we would all do well to tune within for half an hour or so each day, listen to our inner voice more, and aim for good diaphragmatic breathing to aid our cellular processes…(said she stooped over the keyboard as the cock is crowing!!)
    You seem on a very good path to recovery Fiona, and if your conventional doc dictates that you abstain from sugar and a tipple for a time, then know that full recovery is well worth that.
    I know a very sweet small song, although of course I can’t convey its catchy tune so you will have to create your own, but I enjoy to sing it to myself as I work the soil…
    “Every little cell in my body is happy,
    Every little cell in my body is well.
    I’m so glad every little cell, in my body is happy and well!”
    Apologies for this essay filling your blog space, but phytobiophysics really has helped me and those close to me, and I am delighted to know you are readdressing your vibrational balance.
    Blessed be, trust in your strength.
    Warm regards Helen.

  3. I agree with lots of the comments, alternative therapy and a positive mental attitude can make such a difference. Like you I am very rarely ill and find it very frustrating. I nearly always try alternatives 1st for me or the family as I’m very suspicious of conventional medicine but I must admit it takes patience as the results are not as quick. Last year the doctors would have put hubby on steroids for Polymyalgia but he was dead against it and we found Feverfew and Rosehip along with Omega 3 (not 6 & 9 because apparently they are inflammatory) had it under control in 5 months instead of the usual minimum 1 year. Steroids need to be withdrawn slowly too so he would have been on them for longer than a year.

    We’ve also found diet a big help. When we feel lethargic or have any illness we cut out any processed food (we don’t eat a lot but it tends to creep up sometimes) and don’t eat anything with wheat, dairy (apart from yogurt) or red meat, but lots of fruit and veg and (sorry) but cut down the alcohol too. A diet of mostly fruit and veg, fish and chicken can rejuvenate. Hope your alternatives do the trick for you.

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Willo

    You must have been writing your comment when I was responding to the rest 🙂

    Poor you living with ME for 20 years. My doctor thinks it might be a post viral syndrome but she has pointed out that I’m slowly getting better. The main problem is having such an energetic job – I reckon it will be ages until I can return to work.

    Yes, for various reasons the last year has been very stressful for me.

    Thanks for dropping by. Big hug.


  5. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Linda M

    Thanks so much for your good wishes. Diana is a great healer. Still going down the normal NHS medical route too to cover all options.

    Hello Michelle

    A lot of regular pharmaceutical drugs contain plant extracts. It’s quite a palaver going to London from here but well worth the effort.

    Hi Carole

    Fingers crossed the remedies will work! Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Jackie

    Being quite strong I’m rarely ill and so this has been a real stunner for me – I’ve never been ill for so long in my life.

    Thanks for your good wishes.

    Hi Jan

    My doctor doesn’t believe Diana’s findings and says the fatigue is due to the urinary infections. I just want a speedy recovery ? and will take Diana’s remedies.

    Hello Miriam

    Thank you for your good wishes. I wish I’d taken the alternative route sooner but it has been good to have the time to reassess and reflect.

    Hi Veronica

    Yes, I think that you’re right. A positive attitude is essential. I don’t think that I’ve been negative just a bit panicky. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Hi Michelle NZ (and Zebbycat)

    Yes finally I seem to be getting out of the tunnel. Lot’s of love to you both.

    Hello Toffeapple

    Yes I was introduced to homeopathic remedies in my twenties by a conventional doctor. I think these and flower remedies are very powerful. Thanks for your good wishes.

    Hello Elizabeth

    “Together we’ll beat this thing.” Yes we will. Like you I can’t afford to be ill. The swine flu virus is a really nasty one.
    BTW I love your bears – magical.

    Hi Joan

    I’m absolutely with you on that. It’s best to combine alternative and conventional. A positive attitude is essential to healing.

    Hi Tamar

    I love the idea that the men grew hair on a course of placebos. I reckon that mind set is inevitably linked to health and disease.

    I’ll try almost anything to get better. But the message is clear this time – I was clearly doing too much to notice that I was ill.

    Hi Kate

    Yes, the wagon is already parked by the bed.

    Hi Pamela

    Yes those super strength antibiotics etc do tend to knock you out. I must admit that I tend to only go down the alternative route when I’ve begun to loose patience with conventional medicine. ATM I’m running them in tandem.

    Thank you so much for sending me the list of supplements. I’m going to rattle!

  6. Greetings Fiona,
    My thoughts have been with you. I was myself beginning to wonder about ME as a possibility for your malaise but that is because I have had it for over 20 years. Most people recover with in a 2 year period.
    I did much research on how to get better and the only thing that seemed to work for people was consistent self was not what they did but how they did it and for how long.
    I did everything known to woman to support my own recovery but in the end I live around it now. I did have bad glandular fever but more than anything I know it was unrelenting stress that tipped me over the edge.
    I agree whole heartedly that a positive attitude helps but in the end if that was all a person needed there would be a lot more perfectly well people than there are. Sometimes there are deeper issues at play. with empathy, Willo.

  7. Hello Fiona

    it’s great to hear that you are feeling well enough to make a trip to visit a healer. I am a great believer in alternative healing methods although I don’t discount conventional methods either. I just so often have problems with conventional medication, which can leave me feeling worse than the condition I was trying to treat, that these days I tend to go straight down the alternative route. I know that awful lethargy that can follow a viral illness as many years ago I was laid up for weeks with it too. I’ll email you a list of supplements that my counsellor suggested my brother would benefit from taking after his run in with glandular fever last Christmas. I think he was lucky to recover so swiftly.

  8. Just remember- if it has been glandular fever- no drink – your liver needs to recover. I was told to stay off the sauce for a year…

  9. Fiona — The connection between thoughts and health outcomes is, I think, one of most poorly understood aspects of medicine. And small wonder — it’s awfully hard to study. But there’s no question that your body responds to what you’re thinking. (The example I love is that the control group in the Rogaine study actually GREW HAIR even though they were taking a placebo.)

    I’m about as hard-assed an empiricist as ever walked the earth; I don’t believe in efficacy until I’ve seen the double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. But a couple years back I wrote a book about low back pain (a real page-turner!), and I realized how important “alternative” treatments can be, particularly for elusive, difficult problems like chronic pain and fatigue. If it does you no harm, and it makes you feel better, it is unequivocally good.

  10. I hope you are feeling much better soon.

    A positive mental attitude is more than half the battle when it comes to healing from illness. When I changed my attitude about my arthritis I gradually began to feel less pain. It was EFT treatments that helped me change my attitude.

    Unfortunately, many medical doctors are not healers. They may be excellent scientists but they register very low in the ability to heal department.

    We were fortunate when we lived in Berkshire to have an MD who was a fantastic healer. We have not been so lucky here in Lincolnshire.

    I would never advocate dispensing with modern medicine but I do believe alternative medicine can play a valuable role in our healing along side the treatments our doctors prescribe.

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