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The Manchego Membrillo Combination

Manchego and MembrilloI have become addicted to the Manchego Membrillo Combination. This is not a barber shop trio but a marrying of flavours so exquisite that it had me rushing home for lunch for lunch three days this week. I added my own ingredient, Bath Oliver Biscuits.

Manchego is a traditional ewe’s milk cheese from Spain’s La Mancha region. It is matured for six months. This delicious cheese, has a smooth texture with a soft flavour and is perfect eaten with a slim slice of sweet Quince Paste. As far as I remember, Cervantes’ Don Quixote hailed from La Mancha. I don’t recall him or Sancho Panza savouring this delicacy.

And nor did Danny, this week. I tasted my first mouthful and felt honour bound to share this discovery with D. I mentioned very casually that I had found some Manchego in Tesco and would he like to taste some with Membrillo. Danny was having rather a bad day and brushed the suggestion aside with a sniff.

Rather naughtily, I didn’t bother him by mentioning cheese again and feasted quietly alone for the next two days, which made the combination taste even better.

The Min Pins enjoyed the rinds.

Update October 2007. We now have our owm recipe for easy membrillo here.

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  1. Mildred

    Another basket of quinces has appeared on the kitchen table! My lovely hubby IS taking this hunter/gathering thing to new levels!
    I don’t mind . . . now, will it be Quince Jelly OR Cheese tomorrow . . . . decisions!!
    Hope you are feeling better Fi 🙂

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Mildred,

    You can beat quinces for flavour. Love the jam, cheese and particularly the jelly.

  3. We were so excited today, a neighbour gave us a bag of quinces from her tree! What a wonderful fruit! We made jam, then cheese (Membrillo) and, as I type, the jelly bag is full of cooked fruit ready for us to turn the lovely syrupy juice into jelly tomorrow!
    We tested a bit of the cheese tonight, it really is delicious!

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Richard,

    I know, now, that we will definitely be visiting Jerez to experience the tour, tasting and long siesta.

    And we’ll raise a glass or two to you.

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. Richard

    I’m not saying I don’t drink it in the evening… 😉

    Should you ever find yourself in Jerez, I can recommend the tour of the Tio Pepe bodega. The key to this is to not make small-talk with anyone else on the tour so when it comes to the tasting, you can sit on a table on your own. Then, quite merrily guzzle your half bottle of Tio Pepe before you realise that there are other sherries to taste. Then you’ll really come to appreciate the joys of an afternoon siesta!

  6. Fiona Nevile

    Yes, Richard, I agree it’s perfect at lunch but always seems a bit old ladyish in the evening.

  7. Richard

    I always keep a bottle of fino in the fridge (for emergencies of course) – I think it’s better at lunch than in the evening 😉

    I made my own membrillo last year – will be doing so again if my Mum comes up with the quinces again…

  8. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Joanna,

    We all agree on the sherry then! I moved our bottle straight into the fridge having read your comment and will try the combination at lunch today, as I stocked up on Manchego to give D a taste this week.

    Hi Amanda,

    I reckon that there is Membrillo and membrillo. I bought ours at a Spanish supermarket in the Portobello Road. It’s good but I bet homemade is better. Our quince tree is loving this rain so hopefully I can make my own in the autumn. How funny that they didn’t like mashed potato.

  9. Amanda

    I love manchego but not too keen on membrillo. I stayed with a family in Andalusia one summer teaching their children English, they kept insisting that I would love it. I just didn’t and so I insisted that they should love mashed potato, they just didn’t! We had a lot of laughs trying to convince each other to change our opinions. Like Joanna, the sound of a glass of sherry straight from the fridge – appeals a lot!

  10. Joanna

    Absolutely one of my favourites … and it you want to feel really naughty, add a glass of manzanilla, or fino sherry, straight from the fridge. But probably not at lunchtime!


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