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The scary balls in the Emerald Castle grounds

bantam chicks and Mrs Boss“Are you sure that Beatyl chick is a Silkie?” The Chicken Lady asked last week.
“No, I just assumed that she was. The egg was tiny and just marked with an S.”
“She could be a Sebright,” added S. “They’re a lovely breed, very pretty. You’d love them.”
When The Chicken Lady and S visited yesterday, they went down to the chicken run and examined Beatyl Chick. They looked bemused when they returned to the kitchen.
“We don’t know what breed she is. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s rather exciting isn’t it.”

Dixie chick is a bantam Wyandotte. Little Beatyl chick is a mystery breed. They are growing slowly. Playing together, giving each other tiny pecks and rushing under the protective wing of Mrs Boss when they sense danger.

Mrs Boss is so happy and very protective of her brood, ruffling her feathers when her old enemy, Thumper, has the audacity to peer into the castle grounds.

I thought that the chicks might enjoy playing with a couple of brightly coloured ping pong balls that I found in a drawer. When I rolled them into the castle grounds the reaction was instant. Mrs Boss took the lead batting them with her beak as they pinged off the sides of the run. The chicks stood together at a distance, observing their adoptive mum dealing with these scary intruders.

Finally with a flurry of reassuring clucks, Mrs Boss led the chicks into the Emerald Castle and out of danger. She shielded her brood, picking her way tentatively past the horror balls with the chicks close to her other side.

A touching moment.

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  1. Oh How fun it will be finding out what little Beatyl Chick will be. A bit like the story of the Ugly Ducklying, only she is a cute chick already. 🙂

  2. X-ray Rocks!

    How exciting! I have a Golden Sebright. She’s very sweet, but noisy and not very cuddly. I have a bunch of pics on my site of her as a chick and now as an adult, just search under chicks or chickens.
    I can’t wait to see what your baby grows into!

  3. Curiouser and curiouser! Isn’t it funny how some times things just don’t turn out as you expect. So now, not only are you waiting to confirm the pendulum results but also to see Beatyl revealed in all her full grown glory. How nice to get surprises at a time when so few things are kept secret. I’m glad Dixie Chick is a wyandotte after all so she can live up to her C&W name. And as for the word wyandotte I can’t help but drawl it in a Southern American accent.

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