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Too Good To Go

Have you heard of this mobile app? The ToGoodToGo app is designed to link restaurants/cafes/food outlets with people who are happy to eat food that is on the sell by date. Left over food – that would normally be thrown away – can be ordered and collected in a mystery magic bag . You cannot chose the contents.

The price is at most a third of the original cost of the food that is presented. This is not a new app, it has been going for several years.

I heard about it last week and decided to test it out.

I’m on a very limited budget which means quite a bit of scrimping. On a tight budget the one thing that you miss are treats. Unless, of course, they appear on the *CFC at ridiculous prices!

I downloaded the app to my phone and swiped through the offers. I spotted that a garage with M&S outlet were participating – just ten minutes drive away. M&S always have good quality food – just up my street. The only drawback is that collection there is only between 9 and 10 at night – absolutely fine with me.

My magic bag contained a very large deluxe pizza. Stashed in the freezer for Slave Sis’ next visit at the end of the month. A delicious steak and ale pie – eaten the next night. A portion of profiteroles filled with cream and doused with two chocolate sauces – scoffed on the collection night. A great egg, tomato and salad cream sandwich – lunch the next day. A good bulgur wheat and veg salad, eaten a couple of days later.

Cost £4 and pre discount value was over £17! I loved every mouthful.

If you are on a small budget why not give it a go and avoid some food just being thrown away?

*CFC – the condemned food counter. This is the first place that I go to on a supermarket shop.

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  1. John Forbes

    I hope you mean “at MOST” a third of the normal cost. At least a third could still be twice as much.

  2. Fiona Nevile

    That’s interesting Z, My builder has gone wild for the app and has delivered a massive scone to me from a supplier on the app – they got 4 but ran out of steam! Most of my local TGTG places don’t really appeal to me – mainly sandwiches and pastries. So I think that you’re right – pick carefully. The M&S outlet nar me is good – had 2 magic bags so far. Last night’s had sushi, great salads and a delicious fruit yoghurt. The latter encouraged me to make my own yoghurt again and use donated fruit to flavour it.

  3. My sister-in-law, who has a very limited income, uses it regularly. I think that it partly depends for its worth on which shops are near you. She also has a M&S nearby, one of the small food stores. Sometimes one can be unlucky and have several similar items – on the local Facebook page, people were saying recently they’d had several pots of hummus and coleslaw and little else from the Co op.

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