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Danny’s potatoes have slug damage

Photo: Slug infested potatoes

Photo: Slug infested potatoes

So Magic Cochin was right after all. Danny’s potatoes are infested with little black slugs.

Yesterday I decided to get the spuds for supper early so that I could replace any ropey ones without having to trail down to the shed after dark. When I opened the potato sack I spotted several little black slugs chomping heavily. In fact it was quite hard to pull them off.

When I cut the potatoes open I found a few smaller ones in residence and little grey black eggs.

We’ve never seen them before. Or the eggs. Just the tiny white worms – about a millimetre thick and a centimetre long. I assumed these were eelworms. But have since discovered that eelworms are so small that it’s hard to see them. So what are the white worms?

Clearly the slugs have found great winter quarters where they can happily breed, eat and party. They also have the fun of the race – who can eat Danny’s spuds first? At the moment the slugs are winning.

Do you think that I could soak the spuds in salted water to remove the slugs and then dry and store them? The ones without the slug condos are delicious and it seems such a shame to just throw them away.

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