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How to get your Gravatar

The comment below explains how to get your very own personalised Gravatar that will appear beside your comments on Cottage Smallholder and on many other blogs across the web.


Good luck and have fun!

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  1. It should come through within 24 hrs, G.
    Our site uses caching so that it does not constantly have to fetch gravatars. It should refresh sometime tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, see if your gravatar appears if you make a comment on another site.

  2. Galicia

    I have loaded and all seems ok but the pic is not showning

  3. john ireland

    excellent year for onions on well drained soil

  4. Is this the only way to load an avatar pleae?

  5. Hi Ray,

    No problem. You have to upload the original image from your computer to the Gravatar site. You cannot use Photobucket on this occasion.

    Best wishes,

  6. Ray and helle

    Hi Danny,

    sorry to bother, I have been trying to upload an Avatar without success.

    This is the Photo-bucket link, am I doing something wrong?

    Regards, Ray

  7. Danny

    Get your Gravatar!

    The image beside this comment is my Gravatar and we have started to use these now.
    Gravatars are Globally Recognized Avatars.
    An avatar, or gravatar, is an icon.

    What you do is sign up for free at with your email address. Then you upload a photograph of yourself or whatever image you want to see beside your comments.

    The best part is that your image will appear on many sites across the web where you post a comment using the same email address.

    It’s fun and you can change your avatar as often as you want!

    Groucho and I share “feature eyebrows”! 🙂

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