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Canine meningitis


Photo: Inca

Photo: Inca

At five yesterday evening the phone rang.
“Hello this is Lara. The results have come back from the spinal tap. Inca has meningitis.”
My head whirled. People die of meningitis.
“Is it treatable?”
“Yes but she has bad meningitis. She needs to stay with us.”
“Is it contagious?”
“No canine meningitis is not infectious. Your other dogs are safe.”

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride with Inca – she was deteriorating fast. So she was finally referred to the Animal Health Trust yesterday morning. They are running other bacterial tests on her and the results will be back by the middle of next week. She may have to stay until then. But she is in the best possible hands. Fingers crossed that she responds well to treatment.

Meanwhile the other Min Pins are very piano and the cottage is strangely quiet. They are curled up close beside me on the bed as I write this. We are all missing her bouncy, busy presence.

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  1. brightsprite

    Worrying time. Thoughts and prayers are winging their way to you.

  2. My best wishes for a speedy recovering for Inca. Ros

  3. I pray she recovers quickly and back with you soon

  4. elrohana

    Have my fingers and toes crossed for a full recovery.

  5. Jane aka:aromatic

    Sending you lots of love and huge hugs and pray for the swift recovery of gorgeous Inca.
    Love Jane xxx

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know you can do nothing but wait and that is agony, but keep positive and give the other two (and Danny) lots of cuddles.

  7. Jean Damgaard

    I hope Inca gets well soon, it is such a long wait, when you’re waiting for a pet at the vets.

  8. Captain Shagrat

    Heart breaking when a much loved pet falls ill. Hope lovely little Inca comes through this

  9. jabblog uk

    So sorry to read that Inca is so ill. One of our Dalmatians had meningitis when he was 11. We came home after a short shopping trip and found him standing stiff and shivering. (He was fine when we had left 30 minutes earlier.) My husband rushed to the vet with him – 2 minutes by car. He deteriorated rapidly in that time and was near death by the time Barry and the vets carried him in.
    He recovered after a few days with the vets and is now nearly 14.
    Fingers crossed that Inca will make a good recovery and give you many more years of joy.

  10. Fingers crossed for poor Inca. You’ll all be missing her; they leave such a gaping hole when they’re not there.

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